How to upgrade F/W with jms561 under Windows

The following describes how to update the jms561 firmware under windows.

Updating the firmware in windows has the great advantage of having two different serial numbers.

The different serial numbers can solve the problem of only two drives showing up in the OMV5.

0. Preparatory work

You need to prepare an A-A cable and use it to connect Quad SATA Hat to your Windows PC.

Note that you need to supply power to Quad SATA Hat.

1. Download and unzip it.

2. Launch MP Tool

3. Check “RD Version” and load firmware

4. Start MP process

5. Safe remove

6. Connect another USB port and upgrade the firmware

7. Remove power

Hi, while trying to upgrade the firmware, I am getting error messages and I am not able to proceed!
Here are my steps:

  1. I connect the USB between my PC and the HAT through A-A USB cable.

  2. I power the HAT

  3. I start the MP Tool

  4. I select RD Version & enter password: jmicron

  5. Then I select the INI file:

  6. After that I get an error message:

  7. After pressing “OK”, I get another error message:

  8. After this “OK” I get to the initial screen (I am not allowed to post a fifth image?!?)

  9. The same situation with the other USB

Please help!

Here is the final /initial screen:

You need to click on the “Load F/W File” button.

I have success!
Here is an update for the people that may come to this situation after me - I have managed to do it when selecting ONLY “Load f/W File”, finding the file and NOT searching for the INI file. Then START.

I got the same error message when I tried to select INI file.

Anyway - now my FW is ok.

Thank you setq!

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I’m not sure I understand step 6. How do we do the upgrade after we safe remove?

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