How to upgrade F/W with jms561 under Windows

The following describes how to update the jms561 firmware under windows.

Updating the firmware in windows has the great advantage of having two different serial numbers.

The different serial numbers can solve the problem of only two drives showing up in the OMV5.

0. Preparatory work

You need to prepare an A-A cable and use it to connect Quad SATA Hat to your Windows PC.

Note that you need to supply power to Quad SATA Hat.

1. Download and unzip it.

2. Launch MP Tool

3. Check “RD Version” and load firmware

4. Start MP process

5. Safe remove

6. Connect another USB port and upgrade the firmware

7. Remove power

Hi, while trying to upgrade the firmware, I am getting error messages and I am not able to proceed!
Here are my steps:

  1. I connect the USB between my PC and the HAT through A-A USB cable.

  2. I power the HAT

  3. I start the MP Tool

  4. I select RD Version & enter password: jmicron

  5. Then I select the INI file:

  6. After that I get an error message:

  7. After pressing “OK”, I get another error message:

  8. After this “OK” I get to the initial screen (I am not allowed to post a fifth image?!?)

  9. The same situation with the other USB

Please help!

Here is the final /initial screen:

You need to click on the “Load F/W File” button.

I have success!
Here is an update for the people that may come to this situation after me - I have managed to do it when selecting ONLY “Load f/W File”, finding the file and NOT searching for the INI file. Then START.

I got the same error message when I tried to select INI file.

Anyway - now my FW is ok.

Thank you setq!

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I’m not sure I understand step 6. How do we do the upgrade after we safe remove?

Hi all,

It’d be nice if anyone took the trouble to explain how to do the update properly.

I keep getting the same error messages as VT_VT…

The message of setq doesn’t help. Clicking on the “Load F/W File” button, then what? Select “test.bin”, the only file in the folder that seems to be of the appropriate format?

The last message of VT_VT does not help either…

I think one proper tutorial would go a long way helping people trying to update their firmware.


i am trying to do this update of the JMS561 in the SATA hat from a Windows 10 system.

Using a USB 3.01 Type A Male to Type A Male cable (as in the picture in the instructions) I am unable to get the JMS recognized by the Windows 10 system. Using a USB port directly on the laptop, to avoid hubs, I get "Unknown USB Device (Port Reset Failed) on either of the two USB connectors on the drive board.

The JMS561 application does run, but does not recognize see the JMS561.

Are there drivers I need to load onto the Windows 10 system to enable it to see the device, or would you see there as being a problem with both of the chips or the connection?

Neither JMS is seen through a USB 3 powered hub, only through a direct connection to the laptop port.

I had to plug in several times to get recognized under Windows 10. And after a little time it showed up in the FW program.

But you can do it under from your Linux. You just have to connect a HDD to the SATA port to upgrade it. You can swap the HDDs so each SATA port could be upgraded.

A little a discovery when you upgrade it under Windows: SATA2 and SATA4 ports not working

I was able to get through, with patience and ensuring I used a Type-C charger that could output multiple voltages, if called for by the HAT. I noted that dmesg had indicated a low voltage message, even though I was powering through a bench power supply that could do 5 volts at 6 amps. With this the draw was into about 2.4 amps (spikes may have been more). Noting that the latest HAT now has a 12V barrel connector and the boards otherwise seemed very similar, I wondered if a Type-C charger, with a higher voltage possibility might help, and it seems that it does. I no longer have the low voltage error on the Pi.

I have 3 drives in the HAT, but only get a single one recognized, and a single JMS561 controller.

I believe that my HAT might be damaged, since I get no lights on 3, blue on 1,2,4 and red on 2, so I have ordered a new HAT (with the 12v barrel connector on the suspicion that I have a damaged HAT as well.

Thanks for the help.

Hi there, @setq
I don’t get a connection to my Windows PC (Win10 or Win11) and tried quite a lot of different cables (A-A) and (C-A) with multiple adapters, nothing works. It remains as nothing is connected. If I use a C-A cable (adapter), the system claims “Unknown USB Device (Port Reset Failed)” same as @oket had

How did you establish the connection between Windows and the Quad SATA Hat?

I too am having issues updating the firmware. I have connected the HAT as described using an A-A USB 3 cable, but the HAT either doesn’t appear in the software at all, or the PC doesn’t recognize the device.

Can we get some clarification on this please?

A-A (= non 1:1 wiring) are known to not work as 1:1 wiring is needed

I did the update not under Windows
I upgraded F/W with jms561 under Raspberry Pi
it worked flawless for me
why not to give it try

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I just specially registered to say - BIG Thank You! :heart:

I had broken WD My Book Duo with this JMS561 controller. Windows recognized it as a JMS56x USB device, but cannot do anything with it (or plugged HDDs). Zero helpful information on the Internet, most recent driver (but only default, not available dedicated), PCB or replacement of course not available, also not recognised by Western Digital Dashboard… But after overwriting by this firmware - it worked! Now it is visible JMicron Tech SCSI Disk Device :slight_smile:

Additionally - I don’t know if the problem is still up-to-date, but My Book cases supported only WD drives. To bypass it, Winbond chip had to be excluded. Now it also work with my Seagate HDD :wink:


oh, and v158.001.000.003 it’s even better, because it uses usbstor.inf driver (instead of uaspstor.inf), so it’s recognised properly.