Use local USB3.0 port of Rpi4 with USB3.0 hub


Is there anybody know whether I can connect two USB3.0 ports on SATA HAT to one USB 3.0 port on Rpi4 via a USB3.0 hub (A-A cable from HAT to hub)? As NAS device will not always occupy the full bandwidth of two USB3.0, I would like to connect more external storage with a USB3.0 HDD cage.

Any hints of the 4 ports USB3.0 bridge? Can I use 2 A-A cables to replace this bridge?

I’ll try it tomorrow and tell you the result. In theory it’s possible, but the transmission speed will decrease.

Any news? @setq

Confirmed. You can use a hub.

Thanks a lot, @setq. Would you share the A-A cables you used? I bought cables from 2 shops on Taobao. None of them works…

The hub I’m using is Orico MH4U (chip: VL817) and I made the A-A cables myself.

Aha! You made the A-A cables! Amazing~~~
I used Orico VL815 hub. Will try homemade cables.

@setq Do I have to reverse the cable for this A-A cable?

No reverse. Simply connect them one by one.

I made A-A cables by myself. It works now. Thanks @setq!

Aha! Amazing~~~