Conection over USB Hub

Hi guys
Can not be drives on HAT connectedt over USB HUB?
I’m adding HUB there because I want more USB3 ports because I runing DietPi from SSD drive and also I have another USB3 drive.
When I connect hat drives with USB 3.0 cables to USB 3.0 HUB, they are not recognized. Other drives which is connected to HUB are recognized.

Is there some limitations?

please read thru chapter " Phase I „everybody could do“"

Thank for reply, but I’m little bit lost there :smiley:
Sorry whats the difference between “connection” and “extension” cable?
Am I right that “connection” cable have two male connector an “extention” have one male and one female?
For me it is working also with “connection” cable because I have hat still connected on my RPI.

So RPi can find disk only when theu’re connected to two USB3 or USB2 ports

could you post an image of your setup

I use these cabes
And this hub

hi, thank you
If you are capable to connect HAT with two male/male cables
then it does not match the experiences I made with HAT and RPI 4
mine does not worked like that and - sry - than I can not support.

Probably HUB can be used but probably it works with specific chip inside, check this Use local USB3.0 port of Rpi4 with USB3.0 hub