Windows / UEFI on Rock 5 (Mega thread)

RK3588 is actually a decent SoC for running Windows ARM64. Its CPU uses the same architecture as Qualcomm Snapdragon 8cx, only with lower clock speed. But more importantly, it has much more IO exposed to the user, and most of the documents are open to public compared with Qualcomm. That’s why I’m creating a mega Windows thread for Rock 5 here (maybe also for other rk3588 devices).

Rockchip is still working on their EDK2 UEFI port, and Radxa uploaded the BSP here. But the code and repo structure isn’t really nice to work with. To get the ball rolling, I created another repository based on the one from Rockchip, trying to organize everything properly:

Currently Working:

  • All CPU cores at 816Mhz
  • WinDbg or EMS over the UART2 at 1500000 baud rate
  • Top right USB port (only in UEFI)
  • Dual USB2 ports on the left (only in UEFI)
  • GPIO (in UEFI)
  • PCIe Gen3x4 (In UEFI)

Known to be work-in-progress:

  • HDMI display (by Rockchip)

Not working:

  • Almost everything else

Any progress will be updated here.

There’s also a Telegram group, but I prefer discussion here actually :smiley:


Screenshot of command prompt and 7-zip benchmark:

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Nice so basically you got Windows on Rock 5B.
Thing is… if nothing will be compatible… steam etc etc…
Wouldnt be also a good idea to try a ChromeOS (version like ChromiumOS) since its more turned to Desktop and also has the compatible store ?

Well I guess there’s already ChromiumOS port for rk3588. For Windows, it has x86(-64) translation support, so the only problem is drivers.


Good Job Big Strongtz!!

Thanks Sophon Dalao.

PCIe works in UEFI now


This is probably off topic, but does this mean we can uefi boot grub and use grub to boot linux straight into the userland? Will HDMI work after the kernel is loaded?

Well this is not off topic, UEFI can be used to boot mainline LInux. If UEFI set up the HDMI framebuffer, Linux can simply use it with the efifb driver.
However, Rockchip is still working on HDMI support in UEFI.