[ROM][Android10][RockPI 4] Android Q Firmware Release

We did the basic migration, Rockpi4 is now running normally on Android10!!!
For now, we’re offering a beta version.

Currently we only provide firmware download in RKUpdate format, Install GUIDE
For Windows:
New Version AndroidTools: 2.71

Known to work:

  • HDMI 4K
  • USB3.0x2,USB2.0x2
  • 1000M Ethernet
  • BT/WIFI 2.4G/5G
  • TF Card

Version Beta (1.0.0): MEGA

-1 screen


@Lili Thanks for the great work.

I also tried to build Android 10 for RK3399 but could only do it for ‘tablet’.
If I build ‘box’ or ‘tv’ firmware it gets stuck on the bootanimation and doesn’t boot.
Box firmware is needed for better video playback and to also build AndroidTV firmware.
I hope it will be possible in the future since I heard Android 10 is not yet developed for non tablet builds.

I will try porting Android TV, wait for news.

This is really cool :slight_smile: Thank you very much. I’m trying it once there is a gpt image available

Great news guys!
@Lili does it support the Raspberry Pi Touch Screen via DSI?

Does not support

is this android rooted or not?

You can patch the boot.img with Magisk Manager to use root.