Rock 5B accessory

(question 1): So i was wondering will we be able to buy additional accessory with it? What do i mean by this? I mean at least a case for the Rock 5B. Or does it come with an case, headsinks, fan?

(question 2): Any other accessory that might be launched with it?

(question 3): Also if a fan is included, what are the dimensions? (planning to buy a Noctua fan instead/replace the stock one).

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the package of rock 5b only have a main board, you should have a tf card or emmc module with more than 8G space and a 45W+ PD usb type-c power supply to run it.
you can run rock 5b without any heat dissipation module, but if you do like this, the soc should only run at 1.2GHz freq beacuse it will be overheat

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Oke, so i assume you are a developer who got one of those boards for testing and stuff?

I’m not sure if you can answer the first question about being able to purchase a case and other accessory with it when ordering the SBC it self?

you can order sbc and other offical accessory from allnet.
but i’m not sure when the case of sbc will be released.


Could you please specify what accessories for rock5b will be available at launch in October.

Thank you

the wiki is a crumbling warfield, maybe Radxa will pick up the lifeless corpses of the broken URLs and give more details on the final Rock5 release and compatible accessories, only radxa can answer your legitimate questions, alphas and betas can only comment and suggest.
But for now you’ll have to settle for the 1000+ new comments on multiple threads since June.
Tkaiser brilliantly answered your problem off the cuff, but I’m not sure if this is right for you. :smile:
Good luck

Well the good answer would be a direction, so i and i think many with me anticipate on what to buy additionally so we don’t get “surprised” by something we did not expect.

I would want or expect something like this.

Answer 1: No you will only get the main board. Additional accessory can be bought at ALLNET at the launch or after the launch. (I live in Europe, so it would be a good win to buy everything in 1 go instead of waiting and/or paying addition shipment fees and or import cost)

Answer 2: We have X, Y and Z accessory that also will be launched with the launch of the main board of shortly after.

Answer 3: Yes, the dimensions of the fan will be 5 KM X 10 KM. So we know that we have to contact Noctua to to buy this HUGE fan (also welcome with these hot summers :D).

Those answers would rather be great. Just all again to anticipate for what is coming (yes, the winter is also coming…)

Indeed a clear and affirmed position of radxa would be beneficial for everyone.

For my part I will settle for a board with a heatsink at the best price,
and if I can supply electricity from a molex sata in a 3.5 drive bay,
I would be in heaven.

Normally it is rather the niche of StationPCs like the Station M3 with the RK3588S to offer ready-to-use NUCs.

You could maybe solder your own connector :). If you just look for the right info, using on one side molex and on the other side a usb-c connector with a bit of wire. Then solder them together and with a heat shrink tube seal it off.

Or would this be enough, then with a USB-A to USB-C cable?

Accessories for ROCK 5B are in progress, including:

  1. ROCK 5B Metal Case, passive cooling
  2. Radxa Camera 4K, imx415, IQ tunned already
  3. Radxa Display 8 HD, with mounting holes for 5B
  4. Radxa Power PD 30W(5V/5A, 12V/2.5A), the universal power adapter for all Radxa SBC with plug for all countries
  5. Radxa Wireless Module A8(WiFi 6/BT5.2 M.2 card)
  6. Radxa Fan 4012

I bougth 30W PD, I used ''Rock5/5B - Radxa Wiki What you need - Necessary - 15V/2A" as a reference.

Does it work?

NOICCEE reply!!

So “are in progress” doesn’t mean they would be ready at the same time? At least the essentials (#1 case, #4 Power PD & #6 fan)

What are the dimensions if i may ask (or somebody else could answer this question who already has bought this fan).

Fan 4012 = 40x40x12mm, Fan 4020= 40x40x20mm, Fan 6010 = 60x60x10mm, Fan 12040 = 120x120x40mm…
the second source of error in choosing fans is the type of connectors…

Passive case means use without a fan.
You will have to choose,
it will be either the passiv case or the radiator + Fan,
but I don’t think you can do both unless you have something to proven.

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Nothing is stopping someone to modify the case to fit the fan :slight_smile: But it would be rather nice to have a case to be able to fit the fan also on it even if it is having a square hole in the case to draw air and holes on the side to blow the warm air out of it.

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What about a POE+ board?

It is impossible

Impossible should be said when the case has been revealed. Maybe the position of the SBC makes it rather impossible or maybe something else. But it aint over until the fatt …starts to sing. The most “imposibility” is you create your own case with the ability of having the heatsink and fan being part of the design.

Our initial design for the case was put the fan inside, but after reading the suggestion from @willy in the debug party thread, we think that with a giant heatsink/case, it should be enough for daily usage. So we decide to go passive heat dispatching way.


Passive heat dissipation is so much better. Thank you.

Well this answers the question very good. That is indeed very awesome idea. If somebody wants to overclock it or if the case gets very heated one can always use an usb fan too cool it further down.

Again thanks for the good explanation that the case will be functioning as a giant heatsink. I was not aware of this change.