Raspberry Pi 4 Quad SATA Hat Does Not See all Drives

I have followed thewiki guide to install the data hat, drivers, configure it, but when I log into OMV, it is only seeking two of the SSD. All 4 of my installed SSD’s are visible when I enter “systemctl status rockpi-sata.service” (without the quote marks), and I have run the steps in the
https://wiki.radxa.com/Dual_Quad_SATA_HAT#NAS_support.28optional.29 section for this issue, but it does not resolve my issue.

It is also only seeing 2 of the 4 drives when I run “lsblk” on the terminal.

All 4 drives are identical and purchased at the same time.

Raxda thinks it is the USB connector as it is always the same driver missing, and noted I can either try to by a new one from whom I bought the kit from, but AllNet Chine no longer carries it and has not been returning my eMails.

I have tried Amazon branded USB 3.0 data transfer USB cables, but when I used them, no drivers are need.

Any ideas on this?

Yeah, yeah, it was said multiple time, that OMV have a BIG problem with usb–sata adapters. Let me use search for you

Except as I originally explained, the issue is not only in OMV. As I noted, when I run “lsblk” it also only shows two of the SSD connected. The same two as in OMV.

I did check with OMV directly and they basically said that 1) they do not support USB data like this at all and B) It sounds like a hardware issue if the known fixes had no effect and to contact the manufacturer.

Radxa’s resolution when I workled with them was that it was due to a bad USB connector, and to either replace it (hard to do when I can only find kits on AliExpress for $300+, or to use USB to USB data transfer cables, but when I do that, no drives are seen at all. And since then when I have tried to continue with support for the issue they have stopped responding to my eMails.

lsblk is good and great, but there is also some otherway to look into the problem.
Like, dmesg or changing disks to detect does it have any problem with “bay”, aka it’s only shows 2 or only bay 1 and 3, or checking different os, also what does fdisk says to you?

If you read this threads - they contains the output that would be helpful for person who would try to solve this mystery

Yes, I had just mentioned lsblk as it does show all four drives, meaning that they can be at least seen.

I am currently unable but should be able to tomorrow when I am done with work check with dmesg and fdisk. I am not sure if I will be able to do the disk swap tomorrow, and I am not sure what that would change, as it is sda1 and sda2 that are seen, which use the same USB connector from the hat to the pi (lower on on the hat, upper one on the pi) which does lead me to believe that it may be the connector if the lsblk is somehow pulling data from the internal connections, but if that is they case, why would a different USB data transfer cable cause them all be not seen? they are built and rater for USM 3. data transfer so I am not sue why the difference unless the pin out on the hat is somehow different from other USB connections, and that may be as I can’t think why it would cause this if they are just straight through connectors on the cable.