Shutdown (Power off) with Android?

I am using Android 7.1 on Rock Pi 4 (downloaded from here:
This version dows not provide a shutdown / power off mechanism and the board has no hardware pushbutton for that purpose.

How to safely shutdown the device?

The only version that seems to contain a power key app is the Android TV 7.1 image from march.

This version of Android is primary for the usage with the LCD, is there any special reason you want to use it?

Thanks for your quick reply. I want to use it with 1080p at HDMI.
But even when it is used with LCD (I guess you mean the 7" RasPi display?) there should be an option for a safe shutdown.

I agree. I also would be very grateful if there would be proper powerdown option app. For example both power down and reboot options…


This is not 1080P on hdmi, it’s 800x480(the 7inch display resolution) instead. The Android TV image is 1080p. Please download the latest from:


Would it be possible to include powerdown option in future Android releases also? Not just Anroid TV images…

Is it possible to connect a physically power button?


The physical power button is possible with power from the GPIO header, check the discussion here:

Is there a reset signal on the RockPi4?

This will just be an option to cut off power the hard way. I am looking for a safe shutdown that protects the file system to be corrupted, which could happen in case of hard cut off.

Please include the shutdown / reboot options also in the “normal” Android images.

At the moment i activate the Download mode and power of with a main switch in front of the power supply.

Can I ask how you get to “Download mode” my remote keyboard does not have a POWER button ?


The 7.1 img have a Powerbutton app, with this I et too the download mode.



Thanks thats not there at the moment on the 9 version … fingers crossed it gets added soon …

I think I was hoping for a keyboard shortcut ??

The power button is not available in the plain 7.1 image and only this supports Raspberry Pi’s TouchScreen and Pi camera. Please make it available also there (and also in the new version 9 image).

Found a workaround that is working for me (on the plain Android 9 Pie image):
If you install “Qute” terminal, you can create a script with command
reboot -p
and you can create a shortcut to that script on the desktop. Clicking this shortcut will trigger a shutdown (without confirmation!),


Really good workaround, Thanks! Works with plain Android 7.1 image too.

I have Rock pi4c board.
Does it has POWER pads for button or not? I need it for going to sleep mode.
This picture is correct?

I need this button for car usage.

And where can I download schematic of ROCK Pi 4c?

There three buttons are:

ADC key, Maskrom key, Reset key.

You can refer the schematic and the components diagram.

Ok. Thank you.
I need android sleep state when my car isn’t running. How to enter to sleep?
When I try to close the ADC key contacts, board does not go to sleep.

The next version will look for gpio at 40PIN as the Power button

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