[ROM][Android7.1] Android TV firmware released

Dear community

We are very happy to announce that we have released the new Android TV image.

Change Note


  • support pcie nvme storage auto mount
  • add TunerSettings apk to customize home screen
  • fix ap6256 unable to pair bluetooth remote

version: 20190322_1148_a163533
Download: gpt image from github release


  • new version opengapps.
  • add power key app.
  • support widevine l3.

version: 20190314_1810_703e366
download: gpt image from github release


Github release page


App Lists:

  • LeanbackLauncher
  • LeanbackIme
  • YouTubeLeanback
  • Tubesky(TV Google Play)
  • GoogleWebView
  • Backdrop

Dedicated power key app

Download Mode: reboot to rockchip loader mode, not maskrom.

support widevine l3

The firmware is support Google Widevine L3 DRM now.
But unfortunately tell everyone that we can’t support L1 at the moment.
Because L1 needs a key from google authorized release.

So the netflix app is currently not working.

Thanks for everyone.

Will amazon prime work on it?
When can we expect a L1 release support for Android TV OS. Thank You!

I just tried it. and it can’t work. I think this apk needs to be adapted, but there is no official documentation. This requires Amazon’s support.

The L1 key need to pay google, so we have no plans to support L1.

Uh oh! One of my primary need was to use the device as a media player (especially content from Amazon). Would it be possible for an Individual like myself to procure the license key from google for personal use? If not, please suggest an alternative to to play amazon prime on Rock Pi.

There are 2 files in github “rockpi-4b-nougat-20190314_1810_703e366-rkupdate.zip” and “rockpi-4b-nougat-20190314_1810_703e366-gpt.zip”. Which file should be downloaded for Rock Pi 4?

If you use dd or Etcher tool, you should download the gpt one, the rkupdate one is for flashing from the USB OTG port with tools on PC.

The Android TV Image looks very nice, but there not many apps available.
Google chrome , Firefox ,amazon, minecraft and many more are not available.

How long it will take until you get the L1 key?

When we could expect a new Tablet Android image?

You added a power button, butt it has no menu for power off.

how can I connect a physical power button?


I am very sorry, The apps you mentioned not related to L1 key, These apps are designed for mobile screens and touch screens. So can’t be found in the TV Google Play.

Just thought I’d point out if you use an old version of Netflix, like 4.16-15172-release.apk, it works… fine as far as i can tell, nags ya about a newer version being available, but you can skip it.

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Thanks, I just have 4.2.1-1804-release.apk, I will try the version you mentioned, thank you.

You can use the latest Netflix app but you have to install it through APKPure app store since it’s an xapk app and not an apk app.

Then search for this app

Can I use the Ola with this firmware…?