Is there a reset signal on the RockPi4?

There are no reset or power buttons on the RockPi4. Where can I find the reset signal on the board?

at the bottom of the board, near the RTC battery connect, there are there buttons, which are not soldered. The two pads under USB C connector is reset.


So i try to soldered it, it works to reset the RockPi, but unfortunately the pads popping out from the PCB, can you give another method to give a reset signal, can it works from gpio pin ?

unfortunately, there is no reset signal in the Raspberry Pi 40 PIN GPIO. You can power from the 40PIN GPIO and control the power of the 5V.

So directly put positve 5v to red and gnd to black gpio pin ?
How much maximum ampere that allowed to turn on rockpi via gpio ?

Your picture is correct. The current depends on the load of ROCK Pi 4. Usually 2A is enough for ROCK Pi 4 if you don’t connect USB3 or PCIe devices. 3A is a safe if you connects four USB devices.

Thanks a lot jack, and one more thing, if i doing that, is the USB C PORT can Bi-directional To Chargering PowerBank ?

So When no power DC-> PowerBank With Power Delivery -> ROCK Pi
When Have DC Power -> Rockpi -> PowerBank through reversed C Port.

Can it work like that ?

When Have DC Power -> Rockpi -> PowerBank through reversed C Port

I assume power is from GPIO 5V. This is not possible. The 5V from GPIO can not go back to USB C.

Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone made any progress with not using the GPIO pins for power?

I’m looking for a way to send a shutdown signal, allowing me to connect like a physical button to turn off and on the device. I saw that there is the pads under the USB-C for reset signal. But can anyone tell me how I can achieve a shutdown signal? While still using USB-C for power. Thanks guys.

Hi, Also I need to connect my RockPi4B on reset circuit of my robot (button connected to ground).
I looked for thees three pads you mention, but I did’t find them.
Could you be so kind to send a photo highlighting the signal to tput on ground for reset ?
This is a great board for robotics, and this kind of information would help both you in selling the board and IOT people!
Thanks in advance.

Just find an old picture, check the bottom.


Jack, tank you for quick answer. I’m sorry. I forgot to say that my model is the new one, without that buttons!
Is the signal anyway available?

The button is soldered manually. The signal exists for all models.

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Hey Luke,

During my time experimenting… I’ve found that if you get the non-momentary power switches, the ones which click in and out… along with having 3 prongs, those will allow you to get a “power on/power off” type of deal. But the LED on the Rock PI stays on… plus the LED of the power button would stay on if you’re wiring it to the 5V and ground on the GPIO pins.

For the clicky power buttons, you only need to wire 2 out of the 3… then connect it to the pads under that USB-C port. It’s basically putting the board on a constant reset I think - I’m not quite sure. So to be safe, I ended up getting a power management board…

My 1st power board I got was a mess (didn’t fit in case cause barrel jack plastic was sticking out and their pre-existing GPIO pins made it hard for me to fit a power button in)… my 2nd power board that I got, was perfect.

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@jack ty for this information…it works

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