[ROM] AndroidTV Pie Custom firmware by mo123

[ROM] AndroidTV Pie Custom firmware v1.1 by mo123

Changelog v1.1

  • Add RockPi 4 boot logo
  • Add Magisk root support
    Please uninstall the Magisk app and reinstall it from here
    http://bit.ly/magiskm (short link to Github Magisk Manager link to download it quickly)
    It will say additional setup is required then you can restart your device.
    Seems the Magisk Manager app has some problem being preinstalled from micro-sd card firmware.
  • Add ‘More Settings’ menu to TvSettings if you want to change extra settings like in the normal firmware
  • Change the onscreen keyboard to a mouse friendly one that is faster
  • Remove some preinstalled apps
  • Add working Netflix app and Kiwi Browser
  • Several stability and video playback patches from AOSP merged.

Changelog v1.0


Latest Kodi 18.4 app: https://mirrors.kodi.tv/nightlies/android/arm/master/

Add various gamepads support

  • Xbox, Xbox One, Xbox Elite controllers
  • Sony DS3 and DS4 controllers
  • Switch joycon and pro controllers
  • Steam controller(also need to use the Steam app)
  • Shield controller

Fix Home button on airmouses, USB remotes

  • Long press to see All apps screen
  • Single press to return to Android Homescreen
  • Double press for Recent apps
    – Long press OK/DPAD_Center to close selected app window.
    – Long press back button to close all recent apps


  • Add Wifi connect button on wifi password enter screen to be easily clicked with a mouse, airmouse to setup wifi without using the onscreen keyboard
  • General Wifi improvements
  • Fix ethernet stops/disconnects sometimes bug
  • Spoof ethernet as wifi connection
    – This fixes some games like Asphalt that only work over wifi connections to also work if only using an ethernet connection

  • Fix Youtube VP9 videos freezing sometimes bug

  • Change frame-buffer to 1080p, 213DPI to help with 1080p Youtube support and less upscaling for video playback.

  • Set HDMI Bitstream as default audio device.

  • Add support for 192kbps FLAC audio support

  • Add Shutdown menu to TvSettings - About Screen

  • Fix SD-Card incorrect size reported sometimes

  • Fix Daydream settings not working on some languages

  • Improve overall speed of Android UI

  • Fix some apps running sideways to always run in landscape

  • Add some default Ad-blocker list to block some ads on websites

  • Add some extra apps.
    Use MiXplorer File Manager(Samba v2 addon included) if wanting to access Samba v2.
    Some other file managers only use Samba v1 which has less than half of the network performance of Samba v2.0. Kodi 18 also uses Samba v2 so you can use that to setup your network shares if playing high bit-rate videos over ethernet to get the best network speed.

How to set up Samba shares:

Speed difference between Samba v1 & v2.

Download link:
Password: radxa
Use 7zip to unzip and flash the image with etcher to a micro-sd card or EMMC.

Use the Channels app after updating all the apps in the Play Store to set individual Youtube channels as Channels on your homescreen.
It makes the homescreen a lot better.



How to setup Kodi 18 with auto frame-rate switching

Latest Kodi 18 can be downloaded here.

Step 1
Change to Expert Settings
Change 'Adjust display refresh rate to ‘On start / stop’
If using a lot of IPTV streaming then it might be better to change it to ‘On Start’ so frame-rate switching doesn’t take place after a stream stops too.

Step 2
Select all the Whitelist resolutions available.
On a 4K tv you can select all the 4K & 1080p resolutions, 720p and lower are not needed.
On a 1080p tv you can select all the 1080p & 720p resolutions, lower than 720p is not needed.

Step 3
Change the UI refresh rate to 60 or 50hz(if in Europe).
Change the ‘Delay after change of refresh rate’ to 2 seconds or longer/shorter depending on your AVR to get audio right in sync. In most cases you can just leave this setting on the default value.

Your 23.976hps videos will now play correctly at 23.976hz and not at 60hz which resulted in some video stuttering and unsmooth video playback when there were lots of panning, zooming or fast motion scenes. European, Australian users watching Live TV with a DVB dongle or IPTV service can now also watch 1080p@50hz or 4K@50hz smoothly instead of it playing back at 60hz that caused micro video stutters and didn’t have such smooth video playback especially on bigger displays like 4K tv’s.

Remember to activate for
HDR - Enhanced Color Mode / True Color on your 4K HDR tv first and HDMI CEC before you can watch HDR content otherwise it will display in dull colors, non HDR mode.
Also make sure you are using a high quality HDMI 2.0 >16Gpbs speed cable as an HDMI 1.4 cable won’t be able to work with HDR or 4K@50/60hz content. Also check your tv’s manual to make sure all the ports are HDMI 2.0 capable or if only one is, to connect the HDMI cable to the correct HDMI 2.0 capable port.

Really nice. Thanks for the good work :slight_smile:

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Good Work! Thank you.

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Kodi 18 Guide posted.
I will add root support in the next firmware and fix some small bugs.

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Thanks that’s really good

Some small update posted.
Firmware is pre-rooted with Magisk, you just need to update the Magisk Manager app, no need to flash TWRP or a different boot image anymore.


Hey mo123,

Thank you for your awesome contributions… I was trying out the AndroidTV 1.1 image, and the Netflix app just opens to a black screen and then closes shortly after a few seconds. I’ve just booted up and added my WiFi details, is there anything I should be doing additionally? Thanks again.


You can try to clear the cache of the Netflix app.
You can also try to root with Magisk, uninstall it first then reinstall the Magisk Manager app and then hide root from the Netflix app or use a system app remover to uninstall it.
Only the v6.21 Netflix app works from here.

Newer versions of the app eg. v7 will quit as on most devices that have unlocked bootloaders.

You can also try my LibreELEC image and the Netflix addon to get 1080p Netflix compared to 540p in Android.

I will test the Netflix Android app later since I’m busy working on some more Android improvements.

But it’s a 7 day holiday in China so some troubleshooting help I need might not be provided by Radxa or Rockchip for a few days, but I’ll release what I can.

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Hi mo123,

You seriously rock, thanks for the super quick response!!!

I don’t own a Rock Pi 4 yet but want to purchase if it fulfill my needs :slight_smile: I want an Android Pie TV rom to run on this device that must support 1080p and 4K youtube, 1080p Netflix ( if more that would be nice), wifi and Bluetooth working and for the kids: Chrome cast support working. Will this ROM do that?

Continuing the discussion from [ROM] AndroidTV Pie Custom firmware by mo123:


Youtube is no problem.
There are Youtube Vanced and SmartYoutubeTV that can play 4K.

Netflix will be limited to 960x540p in Android since they don’t support HD playback on open Android platforms, only locked down devices. 960x540p is decent on a 40" 1080p tv as they use high bit-rate compared to other streaming services. If you have a 4K tv, it will have built-in 4K Netflix anyway.
But if you load LibreELEC onto a micro-sd card, you can use the Netflix addon and play up to 1080p.
You can then install firmware onto the emmc storage.

Chrome-cast won’t work. It only works on the Xiaomi Mi box and Nvidia Shield which both have limitations.
There are other ways to cast videos and photos from your phone or PC to the device by means of Happycast and Airscreen, then you can cast it to a video playing app or Kodi.
You can also mirror your phone’s screen onto the device but it might have 0.5-1 second lag.

Make sure you then get the emmc chip, eMMC to uSD and
ecoPI LP/HP case or ecoPi Starter case + separate big heatsink since Netflix uses software decoding and will cause extra heat. The USB-A to USB-C power/data cable with switch is also useful for powering on/off since there is no ir remote. You can also look at a cheap airmouse(<$10) on Gearbest/Aliexpress, it works great to control the device, otherwise you will need a wired/wireless USB keyboard or mouse.

I’m trying to get dual-booting to work then you will be able to switch easily from Android to LibreELEC in a few seconds and back. But because it’s something new that needs to be developed, it will take some time to get the best approach and test it after Rockchip or Radxa develops it.

Super. Good job. I have Nanopi M4 and Changelog v1.1 have some stability issues, but image Changelog v1.0 works great. Thank you for your work

hi Mo123

first thank you for sharing with us.

I fresh installed 1.1, kodi works well

Prime Video (installed via playstore) does not Play videos

when I start to play one I get the message:

“something went wrong please try again later”

I have no Idea whats the reason.

has somebody an idea?



Are you using this app, the tablet version?
The app icon will appear in the Appdrawer or you can use http://atvlauncher.trekgonewild.de/ to create a banner icon for the Homescreen by using the AndroidTV app banner.

The AndroidTV app version I think won’t work.

You can also try the Amazon Prime Kodi addon.
If watching streams from Europe then you can enable auto frame-rate switching in Kodi video settings and add the resolutions in Kodi’s System Settings Display Whitelist to play 25/50hz streams instead of playing everything at 60hz for bteer video playback smoothness.


the apkpure version of prime video works fine.

I oped apkpure searched for amazon video and installed it


I managed to create a banner for the home screen.

but I have more questions

I installed Asphalt 8 and I could start it, but the download pages stays at 0%.
The device is connected via WiFi.

I connected a new PS4 dual shock controller via Bluetooth, but it is not working

What can I do?

and how do you added the controller support, I like to add this also on my tinker board


You can try to copy these 2 files to the system/usr/keylayout/ folder but you must root with Magisk to access the folder and use a simple file manager like MiXplorer to copy the files as it will also set the correct file permissions which other file managers might not do.

More info

Here is a useful guide to determine the vendor and id of a particular gamepad by using a gamepad tester apk so you can create or search online for a keylayout file you need.

Asphalt only works over wifi since it’s made for phones, but I added a patch so it can also download game data over ethernet.
But I’ll test it, maybe there is something else wrong.

I will upload a new firmware with all the gamepads soon and a better way to update Magisk.

this link doesnt work anymore

You can download the latest Magisk Manager here.


The boot.img is already pre-patched, so you only need to uninstall the existing Magisk Manager and install the nwe one.

I also made a banner icon for Magisk Manager.
To check, the banner apps are usually 50-100KB in size and have ATV in the name. The actual apps are the ones 1-50MB in size.