Rock Pi X Wont POST

Hi All,

So just got my first Rock Pi X recently and ive been trying to get an OS on it but not had any luck after various attempts. After a few times the EFI shell stopped booting and would only show the Radxa logo so i tried a BIOS reset to defaults and then shortly after the board would not POST at all. The blue light goes bright immediately with no display.

Ive seen on the wiki that a settings can cause this and that flashing the BIOS should clear it but i have no idea how to even attempt using this tool and is beyond my skills. At this point for me the board is now a small light brick.

Is there any other way to get it to reset the BIOS to default without the controller flash option? I dont know if this is even this issue but its the last option before i return it.

Thanks all in advance


Check does usb have power in them

Yes, ive connected two devices and both light up. ive tried a keyboard but no numlock light which i would expect with a reset.

Hm, inactive numlock is not good thing. You tried USB 3.0 for this, correct?

yes, USB 3.0 external HDD and sitck. Keyboard was in 2.0 port. will try the keyboard again to see if i can get the BIOS. any suggestions are appreciated

Try keyboard in usb 3.0 port

Yeah tried that, no NumLock and can’t get the BIOS to show. Guessing the BIOS isn’t happy. Can the BIOS be bridged like ATX boards to force a settings reset?

No, HDMI output is one thing, but not having numlock is bad… At last i can advice you this

Thanks, tried but nothing. Just seems unresponsive. The force reset does nothing but dim the LED. I’ll contact the supplier and looks for a refund/replacement.

Thanks for your help

Wait, dim led is what we need. led is dim when bios is starting, so try

Insert keyboard – start clicking del
Do full reset until led will dim
Do a few (30-50 sec) more Delete clicks
Then do F4-enter-F5-enter

Sadly, I have the same issue. Tried all of the suggestions. If any new suggestions come up, please let us know.

Same problem here, just received the board and started it up, everything went fine and the UEFI shell was displayed. Rebooted into the BIOS and changed some power management settings and boot device, after saving and restarting I have no HDMI output anymore. The led stays bright even after waiting a few minutes and will only dim when pressing the power key on the board for about 5 seconds.

Tried the blind reset trick but for me this is also not working, also no numlock and there does not seem to be power on the USB ports because the led in my optical mouse does not work.

Too bad there is no way to simply reset the bios. After only 15 minutes owning this board I already managed to brick it and is now an expensive paper weight ;(