Rock Pi X does not turn on automatically after plugging power (solved)

I need my Rock Pi X to turn on automatically after power loss. However currently I need to always press power button in order to do this.

In the BIOS there is a setting “State After G3” where “S0” should mean the device is turned on after it gets power and S5 (default) means that the system would remain in shutdown state. However setting this to S0 doesn’t seem to help. I have installed the RTC battery.

Any tips?

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I found out what was the problem:

While I was testing I used the power button to turn the system off gracefully. It turns out that Rock Pi X does remember this: If the system was turned off via the power button, it will not turn on automatically if the power gets cut and later restored.

However if the power is just cut and restored the Rock Pi X will boot automatically.

I was expecting that the BIOS would contain a setting which would adjust this behaviour, but at least the current version doesn’t.

Also I got a fast reply from the support email from Tom, thanks for helping me out!

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Hello, I had the exact same issue, however until I removed the RTC battery I was unable to get the device to power on when AC power was restored. After temporarily disconnecting the RTC battery the device powers up when AC power is restored.

Does @radxa anticipate having a BIOS update for a potential workaround? There are use cases where this feature would be desired. The current solutions pose two problems:

  • RTC removal is problematic where RTC use is desired
  • System power state does not provide automatic poweron when external switch is used
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