Rock pi 4C + NVME boot clarified!

Hopefully this post gets pinned as there ins’t enough clarification on this point.
Using ROCKPI-m2-extend V1.6 board.

1.SD cards was imaged with rockpi4c_ubuntu_focal_minimal_arm64_20200820_1207-gpt.img.

  1. SPI flash is 4MB on this board an flashed according to
    Method Two: Write image to SPI flash using mtd tool

  2. Using rockpi4c_debian_stretch_desktop_arm64_20200716_0647-gpt.img etched to NVME (via usb reader+ etcher) does SD need to be always inserted (from setup 1)?

when removing the SD, board can’t boot to NVME.

Is there no solution to just burn working image to NVME and boot?

UPDATE: Solution solved… Once SPI is correctly flash no need for the SD always in. Ubuntu server 20.04 and Debian Desktop image are both booting off the NVME.

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what nvme ssd model?

Thank you for the reply.
The issue is solved I recommend you update your wiki.

ubuntu 20.04 server image + xubuntu-dektop all works well

Can you explain what content we should update? You can edit the wiki with register too :slight_smile:

I had no luck with method two. Used method one. Now boots from nvme SSD. The problem I have is trying to install Radxa APT. Wget command not found. So unable to unmiminimize the system.

Minimal images tend to not have wget installed.
It’s quite simple to install it with,

sudo apt install wget