Rock PI 4 and Android 9 / Google Play troubleshoot

I want to use Android 9, but get error messages.

Google Play services can not run.

Do I install Google Play services; This app closes again and again. Also Google Play Store is not usable, because it always closes.

Does anyone know this problem?

Maybe you can test if Google works better with AndroidTV firmware I made?

If you still have problems, it might be your network or firewall blocking some Google IP’s.

Some good alternative App stores you can also try are APKPure(contains all Google Play Store apps except paid ones), Aptoide and UptoDown.

I like Android 9 better than Android TV. That’s why I want to try it first.

But the tip with network or firewall blocking some Google IP’s has been very good.

I was able to log in to Google Play with a hotspot on my mobile.

Unfortunately, apps I want to use require GooglePlay services. That’s why I can not get around google.

I don’t know if this still works

You can install VirtualXposed then in the settings install Google Services or manually download the latest 5 microG apps here and install inside VE.

Now just clone an app from your system or manually install an app into VirtualXposed by sideloading or using UptoDown app store( or the store that will be installed automatically.
Apps that require Google Services will then be able to work if you install them inside VirtualXposed.
You just need to enable the FakeGapps module too and restart VE.
You don’t need any Google apps or services already installed on stock firmware for it to work.

The latest android9 is already integrated with Google services.


Thank you for this information.

With the new version of Android 9, the Google themes really seem to be done.


  • in the version before, there was the home button with 3 buttons + volume control. This has unfortunately been changed. With apps you can help yourself, but unfortunately that does not look pretty and is burdened with advertising.

  • Image rotation is not working anymore.
    180 ° is not selectable
    270 ° (is important to me for portrait mode) is selectable, but is not accepted ==> Is this resolved with an update?


I do not know if I have to thank you, but the update of 22/11/2019 goes in the right direction.

The 3 home buttons and the volume control is back.
The rotation of 270 ° can now also be adjusted. But: after a restart the display will show 0 ° although the setting is still at 270 °.

Is this a small bug or am I doing that wrong?

rotation, do not save after reboot.

…thanks for the confirmation. Will that be fixed in the next update?


why is the setting not accepted? Is this a problem of Android 9 “rockpi-4b-rk3399-android9-20191122_1120” or of “Tuner Settings 1.1 phone”?

I have the impression that “Tuner Settings 1.1 phone” has no authorization to save settings.

What can I do here?

Thanks in advance.

The framework does not implement the ability to save rotation, which is troublesome

If you want to change the orientation of the screen.
change:ro.sf.hwrotation=90 (0,90,180,270)

Please excuse my silly question, but where should I change that?

PC$ adb root
PC$ adb remount
PC$ adb shell

$ busybox vi /vendor/build.prop
change ro.sf.hwrotation=0 to ro.sf.hwrotation=90
$ sync
$ reboot