[Recovery] TWRP 3.2.3-0 released

Dear community

I am very happy to tell you that I have adapted TWRP 3.2.3-0 for rockpi android 9.0. It may still have a lot of bugs, but at least it works.

Download link
Source Code

Write the recovery.

adb shell reboot loader
upgrade_tool di -recovery ${recovery_path}
upgrade_tool rd

Reboot to recovery

adb shell reboot recovery



@Lili: It may help people if you were to provide instructions on how to boot it.

For example, is there an equivalent to “fastboot boot” that can be used to boot it without installing it? Or is this something that has to be booted from an sdcard for manipulating the emmc?

Is this image also compatible with Rock960?

And for something that follows logically from the availability of a recovery, have you considered a method by which to perform a system image upgrade without destroying the userdata?


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No, this image not compatible with Rock960, We will provide an OTA upgrade package, but I need some time to test it.



稍等,我不知道怎么发,我把应用名打出来在https://www.apkmirror.com/搜就可以搜到,暂时就试了两个, 一个Titanium Backup,还有一个OpenGapps,下载链接是https://opengapps.org/app/

To make the Magisk zip work perhaps it’s also needed to change the default value of
BUILD_WITH_MAGISK_SUPPORT:=false to true in device/rockchip/common/device.mk, Boardconfig.mk files if not already done.

After rebooting, there will be a new Magisk icon, open it and it will ask to do additional setup.
After it’s done, reboot and it will be rooted.
Apps that require root will then have a prompt on startup to grant root access, then choose ‘Allow’.
Inside the Magisk Manager app you can change the apps that already have root access to still have root access or disable root access for them. Some apps that refuse to work on rooted devices, you can also choose to hide root access from them, then they will think the system is unrooted, Magisk is not installed and the device is Google Certified. This helps a lot for some streaming apps that only work on Google Certified devices, then you can trick them into thinking the device is Google Certified.

It’s always a good idea to run Magisk Manager before logging into your Google account.
If you are already logged into Google apps like the Play Store then clear data/cache of all installed Google apps first for better compatibility if using non AndroidTV firmware.


Can you please chare a twrp version img ? I cant build a android system by my own, with root. Please help me out





Thank you very mutch but I mean the System Img, because of the magisk support falue @mo123 is speaking about. Do I have to flash this with adb over pc?

The last version is support for magisk:[ROM][Android9.0] Android P firmware released

Yes, you need reboot to loader mode.

Dear @Lili, I will search for a Tutorial on how to reboot to that mode, liste of it, first time, because Im new on this board :grin:

Anyway thank you very much, you helped me a lot.

Can I ask you something else?

In android TV I have a option of setting display to 8bit. On normal android 9 version its missing. I need it because my display colors are inverted in normal android 9. Is this option hidden somewhere? Can I change it meaby with abd over Pc? :innocent:

And to do all this I need Linux, right? There’s no update_tool for windows?

Dear Lili, please give me some help with the 8 bit stuff, is it possible on normal android 9? Tv version is unusuable for my project xD

Best regards