Rock 5B accessory

Who knows? Me at least not.

Asides having been able to review a Rock 5B Rev 1.3 board I can only ask questions here and wait for Radxa to answer which sometimes happens and sometimes not. Sitting in the same boat…

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Wi-fi module should be based on realtek RTL8852BU unless there was change of plans from radxa.

Fun times! Hoping to rebuild my mini NAS using the Rock5. Since there is only one PCIe3.0x4, my plan is to grab a PCIe x4 card which supports dual m.2 slots with x2*2 bifurcation and add a JMB585 sata card in one slot and an m.2 NVMe in the other. I was looking at a few options, but the number of separate components needed are a bit daunting (m.2 to PCIe riser, extension card, sata card). It would be great to have a daughter board which does this all-in one (5x SATA and 1x m.2 NVMe, obviously both can only use two lanes because of bifurcation, but it should be plenty for a small NAS).

Or maybe I’ll just go the easy route and switch to a 2.5 SATA SSD and put the NVMe in another device…

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Yes, M.2 E key to SATA adapter board will be available at launch.


Does it allow room for nvme/ssd cooling?

The bottom is metal, you can just use thermal pad to attach the SSD to the bottom metal piece.

BTW, just for confirmation, SATA adapter you mean as Serial ATA as …right?

and not M.2 NGFF SATA, as the last time i read M.2 NGFF was compatible with M.2 M key

“Serial ATA” is a protocol, the connector is called SATA-M7P and looks like this:

Thanks, that clarifies it. Also thanks for correcting me on the name of the connector.

Any plans to release a newer POE Hat? I can’t find any that support more than 27W (Rpi Hat). And the official one only goes to 23W. Can the 23W support an nvme drive on the Rock5?

23W is possible with NVMe + ROCK 5B, it depends on how much power your NVMe SSD eat, for 5W or less, you have 18W for ROCK 5B, which is enough if you don’t have power eating USB devices.

Thanks. So the rock4 poe hat will suffice.
Any updates on case or case files for 3d printing?

Hi, is this now available? I have my coupon code and would like to have this shipped with the board.

If not, will I “lose my place” if I don’t order now?

I also have a redeem code from januari, so I hope to be able to order one soon. I would like to order it together with the M.2 E key to SATA adapter.

However, I do not see the M.2 E key to SATA adapter in the allnet.china store.

How to order it together with the board (when I can) so that I only pay the transportation fee once?

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This page shows nice accessories for our model ameriDroid doesn’t yet.

On the ROCK5 page at, we have a list of “Recommended Accessories” that should work well with the ROCK5:

In addition, the following power supply should work well:

And the following passive heat sink:

Why dont yous make a category for Rock 5B like you have for other SBC’s? I have been checking the page for heatsinks cases etc… do yous sell any case for the Rock 5B?
Ive ordered the SBC Rock 5B from you but all I see is other types of SBC accessories which makes me more confuse to know what works in what.

All I need is:

  • A box for the sbc (acrylic metal i dont care)
  • I need that 128gb emmc + the writter usb thingy
  • Need the fan or heatsink

Optional but I would purchase:

  • M2 eGPU adaptor slot for a external graphic card.
    (Ive seen them on aliexpress)

But thank you for sharing these links Id probably add the heat sink but I want to avoid the ports so if u sell any case as well I will add my accessories all together.

We don’t have a case solution yet because we were expecting the one from Radxa to be available soon (no word on if it will be yet).

We also carry the M.2 NVMe adapter to PCIe slot:

Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve made a request for our web team to make a ROCK5B category.

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Nice thanks I will be making my cart for checkout later this month.