Rock 5 - Case + Cooling

I know rock 5 is recent and just started being shipped but. Will there be cases to protect it ? and coolers like Lattepanda style accessories for it ?

If so where can we get those?

Also I have just ordered my rock 5 model b and gave me the idea it doesnt come with soltered storage do I need an emmc module?

In the checkout process, i was suggested (at the bottom) to buy a cooler fan which i refused, rock 5b is able to run without any heating issue with passive cooling, in normal usage and not inside a case.

Don’t know about the case, but Radxa should look for how to make a metal case like the one for R5S.
If there is a metal case that DOES the job of cooling the board is that one!! And with copper thin this would be even better.

And while creating the metal case, leave a thin gap (at the side) where the camera FPC can get through. So we could use the camera with the metal case like a snorkel.

Rock 5B can boot with SD card only, eMMC only, and possibly with nvme soon.

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We don’t know if it is a metal case, an abs, or acrylic. I suggest metal.

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…and I would believe the top is metal too with a large block of aluminium connecting RK3588 with the enclosure’s top. But who knows… no idea why so many open questions need to exist and Radxa doesn’t update their wiki in time or at least answers to questions here in the forums.


SD card and eMMC worked all the time.

The plan was to ship with a bootloader inside the SPI flash prepopulated at the factory to allow booting from NVMe as well. And few weeks ago this has been added to u-boot (the bootloader):

So in theory it should work and since they added NVMe over here a NVMe SSD should be all that is needed.


I ordered from AmeriDroid I didnt saw any fan to add to my order on the list below do you have the link for it? I might need it.

A cool metal case you be kickass. :muscle:

This is perfect if it can boot from an SD Card then happy days.

I did not click the link (“people also bought these…”) at the time of the checkout, and there is no fan in allnet accessories. i think there will be none judging by their statement. The layout of the holes might have changed, you need to wait for the release of the mechanical drawings.

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Yes exactly Ive tried to find Rock 5 accessories all I find is Rock Pi 4 rock s etc… Better wait for more accessories

Could any of these bad boys work with rock5?

We haven’t gotten to lay our hands on a ROCK5 yet, but we were told this fan should work:


I will order it soon. Just let me do some math on friday cause I have a few more things to order. Thanks.

How many millimeters does the fan on the opposite PCB side need? It’s exactly below the M.2 SSD…

I think im gonna wait for something oficial cause… paying 19$ for delivery… since I have already ordered the rock5… is a bit overkill if it doesnt fit in the end

This indeed is a VERY nice one to be honest. If a company would create such a case for the 5B, that would be awesome.

The rock5b fan header is xh1.25mm, same as 4C+.

From your picture, the heatsink wire is 2.0mm header, it can not plug directly.

No, the Rock 5 PCB is quite a bit larger than Pi 4B.

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Raspberry Pi 4B Ultra Thin Ice Tower Cooler

I dont know if this one will fit but looks nice too.

Yay Ameridroid has finally a group page of accessories for Rock 5B

This is what we need for our Rock 5B’s