Introduce ROCK 5 Model B - ARM Desktop level SBC

are the first units shipping?

Yes. They are shipping, allnet confirmation:

Your order is on the way. Track your shipment to see the delivery status.

Anybody proposing to do a YouTube review?

Sure, for those too lazy or too dumb for techniques that were invented several centuries ago and helped improve human civilization (reading books):

i preorderd my on first june on ameridroid does there exist some information

They are here.

do you think this fan works too i have this already otherwise i will hack a pch heatsink with hotglue on:

Maybe not as they changed from the usual corner type to a sort of offset one.

I just grabbed a standard 40mm with a 12v 40mm fan to gpio as wasn’t sure about the jst fan header size

Thermal adhesive tape and prob could run without fan.

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Darn, not got my email yet. also January reserve :frowning:


i also didnt get my email, i preorderd it in june 1st
and is it poible to use this emmc in the rock 5b:
i have it laying arround

It’s Golden Week now, so I wouldn’t expect anything to happen until at least the 8th, probably not until the 10th that everything is back up to speed. My guess is they tried to get a few out the door before heading off for vacation.


i didnt knew this because i am in italy

I see some models start shipping. When do you/how do you even get the redeem code? Also, seems to be constantly out of stock on allnet so is it only developer preorders that were available? I ordered a redeem code in february.

From current schedule, Feb and earlier coupon code will be all fulfilled in Oct for sure. So stay tuned.


My rock 5 is already on the way, so they are shipping their queue. They encouraged in e-mail to get additional cooling, but this one was sold out at the time of my order (and still not available). Is that 2 wire fan or pwn enabled 3 wire? anything standard will fit?

is it poible to use this emmc in the rock 5b:
i have it laying arround

Yes, it will be ok, radxa eMMC have two connectors, but one of them is only for positioning and it’s not needed :slight_smile:

oh cool but i checked the pinout and a few pins are not quite the same
rock 5b:

rockpro64 (one of the sbc that offitialy supports this emmc):
i am not so sure that it will work because of the gnd pins of the rockpro64 on the emmc connector but if i look at the pine64 emmc the pinout matches the radxa connector, maybe to fit on the rock 5b i have to desolder the 15 pin haederand the voltages should be the same 3.3 and 1.8 volt, it seems to be that both are eMMC 5.1 memmory chips from sandisk (rockpro64 32GB and larger) and foresee (rockpro64 16GB and smaller and all rock 5b)

Pine64 16GB Foresee module is confirmed to work. And I doubt Pine64 changed pinout with the better / higher capacity modules.

it is even the same pcb. i think the emmc protocoll is just sdio also a standart and it never hurts to ask before destroying something. :smile: and its cool to see that the opensource world is from all sides compatible