Introduce ROCK 5B - ARM Desktop level SBC

Dear community,

We are so proud to be one of the first vendor to announce our latest RK3588 based product - ROCK5B SBC.

Feature overview for ROCK 5B:

ROCK5B Highlights

  • PI-co ITX form factor(2.5 inch, 100 x 72mm)
  • RK3588 powered, 8nm manufacturing process
    • Quad A76 2.4Ghz + Quad A55 1.8Ghz
    • Mali G610MC4 GPU(up to 5 channel 4K UI)
    • 6T NPU
    • 8K 10bit decoder, 8K encoder
  • Support WiFi 6E and BT5.2
  • Support PCIe 3.0 x4 NVMe SSD
  • Triple display support(with HDR)
    • Two HDMI 2.1up to 8K@60FPS
    • One USB C with DP up to 8K@30FPS
  • HDMI in support up to 4K@60FPS
  • 2.5G Ethernet with PoE support
  • Offer 4GB/8GB/16GB(LPDDR4x) ram options
  • Linux kernel 5.10
  • Debian Buster/Android 12

R3 code(Radxa ROCK5 Redeem Code)

R3 code is a small deposit for future delivery with discount.

  • Distributor sells a redeem code at 5$ at RK3588/ROCK5B announcement event - starting from Today
  • When ROCK5B is shipping(expected Q2, 2022), the users can use the redeem code for 50$ discount
  • R3 code can be canceled and refunded at any time before shipping
  • One order can buy only one redeem code
  • Redeem code is used for ROCK5B product only
  • One redeem code is for one ROCK5B only

Why R3 Code

  • Chips and components shortage, make sure the user who need it most get it first, ship in the sequence of R3 code order
  • Collect orders so that we know how many to produce
  • Collect order so that Rockchip can reserve RK3588 for our users
  • Updates about the development process to users who has already “ordered”
  • Motive the team to focus and speed up the development & delivery

Get the R3 Code

Thanks for all the support, the R3 code is available now from our distributors:

If you have any questions, please reply this thread, I will answer as much as I can.


What about second m.2 slot on top of a board which looks like it’s used for wifi/bt card. Will it be usefull for anything else but this card, or it’s a proprietary format. And what interfaces are available if user want’s to ditch the wifi/bt card ?

Do we have access to the kernel tree?

It’s standard m.2 E key, pcie/usb/uart etc.

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Yahooo! That’s great news! Is there any plans regarding modification of current SATA hat for this sbc?


Amazing news. Looking forward for the 16GB RAM Rock5B board.

Oh my god. I didn’t expect to see him so early, but I’m already running to order 16GB version.:grinning:

While the above will be maintained through EOY 2026, we’ll hopefully also see support for the 5.15 LTS kernel given the problems with KVM support on current ARM64 SBC w/ kernel 5.10.x (x>7) which forced me to switch to v5.13/v5.14 as LXD wasn’t able to get VMs to start any more. (I still wonder what went wrong there.)

I just reserved my rk3588, can you allow access to your kernel source tree for the rk3588?
By the way, i created a PR to SDL in order to have 3D hw accel and would be interesting to know what mali dev is present and if it will be useful for this platform.

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Very excited for this! The specs look really good! Will you be providing Android images for this? Also will you be sending out early samples to developers and reviewers again like you did with the Rock Pi X?

Cool, and I’d placed my $5 for 16GB already :slight_smile:
Hopefully I can play with it much more than my Pi 4 (4GB), which is lacking here and there…
And it also gives me reason(s) to upgrade my desktop SSD :stuck_out_tongue:

When it is out, pls. make sure it would come with a reasonable heatsink, hopefully just like the “armor” fanless one with Pi.

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What about PCIe is it finnaly possible to connect and USE big GPU cards ?


place bought reedem code 16gb!

Is the first batch already sold out?

if not, when is it sold start in pre-order ?

Great news, I can’t wait to get it as soon as they will be available!
It’s great successor for nano-pc t4 board which is best rk3399 IMHO, but with only 4GB RAM :frowning: This one is far better than anything :slight_smile:

I see that m.2 E is only 1x pcie lane, still google dual edge tpu won’t work, but there is 6T NPU.

Why buster and not bullseye?


This is really nice news! Also your comment on cnx-software about manufacturing in the EU would make future products a lot more accessible to me :+1:

I preordered for the 16Gb. A lot of things tick the box for me, more RAM, NPU, 2.5GbE, PoE

I have a Helios64 NAS running on the RK3399 that runs a few docker containers including photoprism. Since it uses tensorflow for family photos, 4Gb on that device is a bit limited. Having an NPU on the Rock 5 would be interesting to offload the tensorflow tasks instead of thrashing the CPU.

Since it also has a 2.5GbE NIC, the Rock 5 model B and the Helios64 would be a great combination.

Would there be a way to add a mini UPS on the Rock 5? That would make a nice ecosystem.

I think there is still no G610 support under bifrost so maybe some samples to Alyssa Rosenzweig & the Mesa crew might be wise as its got a mighty GPU x10 RK3399 perf but no driver :confused:


Big heatsink required.

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Not really. Some test revealed that rk3588 runs quite cool so just a normal size heatsink should be enough.

Eh, would be greater to have additional pcie 2.1 for 10G sfp+ adapter, but oh well

This tiny board is a real monster. Can’t wait to get it.