Rock 4C+ v1.41: Different hardware revisions


I have a couple of Rock 4C+ boards. I noticed that there are some minor differences between them:

Board 1

Board 2

So, which is the “newer” and which the “older” one?

I have a similar issue as described here and here. I’ve been using a customized Debian image based on the scripts provided here. The resulting image (with an SPL/TPL u-boot boot loader) works perfectly fine on “Board 1”. On “Board 2”, however, it fails to boot: The board is hung with the green LED constantly on. I do not even receive any output on the serial console.

Also, when booting one of the “official” images (using a u-boot miniloader) on “Board1”, I receive valid output on the serial console. However, when booting the same image from the same SD card or eMMC module on “Board 2”, only garbage is displayed (see here). I’ve experimented with different different baud rates on the receiver side – but the result is pretty much the same for all of them.

Cheers and thanks