Rock pi 4 SE image on SD card not working on newer model

We have a about 50-100 Rockpi 4 SE running with a premade image we download to a SD card with now issue, this pi i marked ROCK PI 4 SE. we have received 5 new Rock Pi 4 se today, but they look alittle different and are marked radxa ROCK PI 4 SE V1.53.
The image will not boot on the newer model marked 1.53, anyone got a solution/ ideas for a solution ?

I have exactly the same problem. May need some patch in u-boot or kernel.

we will check this issue and report back later

A nice guy tells me to update the idbloader to the very fresh version, and it works.

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Is this det correct guide to perform the upgrade ?

@RadxaYuntian Please paste the link of the guide here after the test.

@Henrik and @youyanruyu can you take pictures of the front and back of your board and post them here?


Which system image you are using? Can you give this image a try?

The image is made from Ubuntu 20.04.5 LTS

Can you find the original download link? That can help us tracking down the exact software version.

Did you also check the image I sent earlier?

The image you sent earlyer works on both versions of the board

I can not find the download link but im pretty sure it was found somewhere on the Radxa site

Hi @Henrik and @youyanruyu. Sorry for the delay. We have now identified the root cause of this issue. Please read this article to learn more about it and the solutions.