Raid 5 40MB Write Speed

Have a Rock Pi 4A 4GB, running ubuntu 18.04. Added Gnome Desktop to see what I was doing. Got everything created and working with 4 8TB NAS Drives. In a computer I saw 80-100MB Write performance with the same drive, I only get 40-45MB With the Penta Hat. What should I be looking at to improve speeds? I got these speeds whether copying over gigabit ethernet OR using Esata to copy directly From Drive.

samba overhead causes write speeds to drop to 30-40mb…

Really. That Much. Does what I am getting sound right then? I am never maxed on CPU or Memory

I had a thread about write speeds in general, not Raid 5 but still relevant:

I use samba as well and I get ~110 Mbyte/s to a single HDD.

Interesting read. I am 99% sure I am not using ntfs but will verify.

I got exactly the same problem. With standalone disks, I can’t go over 40MB/s on hat. Tested directly with dd.
It’s so slow!

So. My issue was I was transferring from a ntfs drive and that caused my issue. Going to and from Linux based files systems I have killer speeds now.

Yes, but i’m not using rockpi 4a but a raspberry pi 4. Maybe that’s the difference?
I will create a specific topic