Radxa CM5 - RK3588S 16G Ram Tiny device like a chromecast

I will continue this here: (Tips) - CM5 with the CM4-Nano Board 💾


Am I dreaming too high?
A pi sized Zero board with rk3588s 16Gbs of Ram or 8Gbs soldered wifi + emmc if not then just micro sd slot. I would def buy this to run openfyde.

Which would literally be the cm5 with… type C and mini hdmi…

Edit: Likes everyone! Lets make this happen.


I think that would be a CM5 with a simple IO board. It should be quite simple. Similar to this one:


I think we can make this if your post got 20+ hearts :heart:.


WoW !! That sounds exactly like something that I would love to have indeed !! Super interested!


Is the CM5 available for purchase yet?

But jack… you guys have to really try to invest in an kick ass compact metal shell for it… expensive or not… have something worth protecting it to walk around not damaging the components or the inputs by insertion worth having it around… take notes on khadas edge 2… a shell like that on this model would definitely be worthy.


Thanks for the suggestion. Let’s just do it. We will have a kick ass low cost plastic case first and then consider a compact higher end metal case.


What about cooling? I really like how Friendlyelec does metal cases as passive cooling that would be awesome for this too

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I would go with a simple metal heatsink same way the chromecast ‘probably’ has and call it the day… idk.

Lets get the Rock5B working properly first.


Is that radxa problem how? Ask rockchip or wait for collabora. People cant expect radxa to fix Microsoft Windows can they? Linux is open source in my way of seeing this / its up to the developers to project it.
Same way as Android which is the most problematic case here for this device I would say… Either way there are mo123 options…

Its 100% Radxa’s problem, unless you just expect customers to fix your product that is.

Just to be clear I dont work for radxa. Also im not aware of your issue with them either tbh

Come on @el_sattchmo, if they do it it would be wholesome. Best on a pink PCB

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Does it matter if its pink or rainbow? As long as they provide a proper enclosure… The issue is that radxa is used to sell 2 plastic flat panels… instead of a nice no space around convering it all plastic case like the google chromecast for example… its a case made of plastic… good enough. It doesnt even needs to be metal. Now regarding to eating… idk maybe one with space for a metal heatsink.
Just a proper case.

I hope you’re not planning to eat it @DarkevilPT. Chromecast can be in such a plastic case because it doesn’t consume more than 4-5 W (4x A55 cores, the power supply is 7.5 W max), rk3588 would peak with more. But it sounds like a nice TV smartifier.

I know it gets really hot… but do u remember the old days ? where lads were saying rock 5b without cooler ran fine and then some dudes (me included) come out with massive heatsinks :rofl: Tbh a simple eatsink should suffice for most things unless u will be using it 24/7 under high performance which I doubt tbh. some heathink maybe a tiny fan something nice to fit inside a compact shell plastic or metal.

It can run fine with passive cooling, but best without an SSD (it uses 1-2 W at idle)

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I would just use:
1 type c for power to avoid power issues.
2 type c for everything else
3 Video output like the rock 5A just for video… cutting out the need of that extra sized mini hdmi on the other corner and that would be my ideal.


There’s actually something similar out there for Raspberry Pi CM4: https://www.waveshare.com/wiki/CM4-NANO-B



Bring it !

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