Radxa CM5 - RK3588S 16G Ram Tiny device like a chromecast

It would be really interesting if we could build something like this.

(a concept made by myself)


China first:

Europe soon… (i hope)…

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China: Not available for purchase yet. (Coming Soon)

Theres apparently these 3 - CM4 Nano I/O boards but none has soldered wifi… that would be the cherry on top of the cake. However as it is / looks good.

Any updates for it?

Its available now for sale but not the 16gbs of ram it seems.



Ive ordered mine but I wanted the 16gbs of ram one :frowning:
However… the carrier board is what concerns me… Guess I will try something… with an wifi usb drive.

Well Ordered List:

CM5 - 8GB Ram and Heatsink Fan from Arace

CM4 Nano Carrier board > https://a.aliexpress.com/_EHJx1dn
(simple… no cut outs nice options camera one being the slimmer one)

Wifi 6 + BT - Usb > https://a.aliexpress.com/_EIUMCSV

(No need for extra usbs for mouse and keyboard or wifi modules).

This one is driver free > https://a.aliexpress.com/_EyGBrol

USB hub expansion board > https://a.aliexpress.com/_EywsIUp

PS: Im gonna try that 1.4 hdmi board… so dont follow me until I can check if it works.


You can use the M.2 slot to put in the A8 wifi card.

I ordered the CM5 3 days ago but still hasn’t shipped. I am probably being impatient as April 4th was a holiday and now its the weekend… has anyone had shipping confirmation yet?

the Piunora?

Give them time… no rush and yes its the weekend so… we gotta wait.

Thats a M.2 B Key, would requires an extra adapter to convert B key to E key.

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Sorry I was meaning using it on the official CM5 Carrier IO board, as that features a E Key M.2 slot.

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Finally arrived!

Edit: Havent tested yet…

Edit: So yeah it works !!

I will continue this here: (Tips) - CM5 with the CM4-Nano Board 💾