QUAD SATA KIT for Raspberry PI disk temperature


I would like to know if anyone else experiences a similar issue with disk temperature reporting?
My NAS has 4 2TB disk in the following arrangement:
sda Toshiba HDWL120 - 2TB
sdb Seagate ST2000LM015 - 2TB
sdc WD WD20SPZX - 2TB
sdd Toshiba HDWL120 - 2TB

When I try to get the temperature from the disks, for sda and sdc, it reports nothing, sda and sdd are the same model of drive, so I was wondering if it is something that the controller could have an impact on?

Thank you

This is a known problem with the current firmware, I am trying the new firmware.

Thank you, looking forward to the update

Hi Setq,

any news on this by any chance?

Many thanks

I found a new firmware available and I will tell you the update method later.

Hi Setq,

Any news on the test of that new firmware?

Many thanks

I’m doing it today. You should see the post tomorrow.

Hi, do you think you’ll be able to post it before the end of the week?

I’m just too busy these days. I’ll take the time to finish it.

@fmo Please check out this post How to upgrade F/W with jms561 under Raspberry Pi

Done, thank you