QUAD SATA KIT for Raspberry PI disk temperature


I would like to know if anyone else experiences a similar issue with disk temperature reporting?
My NAS has 4 2TB disk in the following arrangement:
sda Toshiba HDWL120 - 2TB
sdb Seagate ST2000LM015 - 2TB
sdc WD WD20SPZX - 2TB
sdd Toshiba HDWL120 - 2TB

When I try to get the temperature from the disks, for sda and sdc, it reports nothing, sda and sdd are the same model of drive, so I was wondering if it is something that the controller could have an impact on?

Thank you

This is a known problem with the current firmware, I am trying the new firmware.

Thank you, looking forward to the update

Hi Setq,

any news on this by any chance?

Many thanks

I found a new firmware available and I will tell you the update method later.