Quad Sata Hat Fan running 100% all the time

Hi I recently purchased Quad stat hat kit and trying to run it on Raspberry Pi 4B 4GB board.
I manage to make OLED board work, all 4 drives recognized by the board but cant seem to control fan speed.
I have followed Top Fan always running, not responsive to PWM and seems nothing really worked.


When the temperature is above lv0 (35’C), the fan at 25% power,

and lv1 at 50% power, lv2 at 75% power, lv3 at 100% power.

When the temperature is below lv0, the fan is turned off.

You can change these values if necessary.

lv0 = 80
lv1 = 85
lv2 = 90
lv3 = 95


You can customize the function of the key, currently available functions are

slider: oled display next page

switch: fan turn on/off switch

reboot, poweroff

If you have any good suggestions for key functions,

please add an issue on https://setq.me/rockpi-sata

click = slider
twice = switch
press = poweroff


twice: maximum time between double clicking (seconds)

press: long press time (seconds)

twice = 0.7
press = 1.8


Whether the oled auto display next page and the time interval (seconds)

auto = true
time = 10


Whether rotate the text of oled 180 degrees, whether use Fahrenheit

rotate = true
f-temp = false

running /usr/bin/rockpi-sata$ netstat -l | grep -o '\S:8888’ | tr -d ‘:8888’*

running codes on thread
Python 3.11.2 (main, May 30 2023, 17:45:26) [GCC 12.2.0] on linux
Type “help”, “copyright”, “credits” or “license” for more information.

import pigpio
gpio = pigpio.pi(host=‘’)
<pipio.pi host= port=8888>

gpio.hardware_PWM(12, 0, 0)

gpio.hardware_PWM(13, 0, 0)

Thank you!