How to change boot device?

Is there a key combo or something to temporarily change the boot device? I’ve done the setup steps to make it boot directly from NVMe, but I’d like to test different OSes by temporarily booting from the SD-Card.

Alternatively, would an EFI boot manager such as refind work? I tried installing efibootmgr, but it says that EFI variables aren’t supported.

The SD card is the preferred boot device. As long as the SD card you insert has the necessary copy of U-Boot on it, it’ll start from SD without issue.

I used the instructions at to boot automatically to NVMe, so the micro sd card appears to be getting skipped over.

Tried erasing SPI, to see if that helps, but still can’t boot from microSD, is it a problem with my microSD? I installed an Raspbian image to the microSD, do I need to copy the bootloader to my microSD separately?

Hi, did you solve this problem? I want to install Andriod with SD card and Ubuntu with NVMe, but I don’t konw how to chose boot from SD card. It always boot from NVMe, if I insert NVMe.

(English is not my mother language, Maybe my grammar seems rude, but I’m very sincere.)

No, I haven’t had any luck trying to boot from microSD since flashing for NVMe boot, even with NVMe removed.

I have exactly the same problem.
Matter of fact, I was dd-ing an image to the NVME but had a power outtage at 71% so the image got corrupted. It would even boot to command line but won’t accept any login for root. So I reflashed an image to SD and wanted to reflash the NVME but whenever it’s plugged in, it will boot into the corrupted OS.
I tried with various SPI images as well. The zero image, the recommended one, I also found a ‘no NVME’ in the forums here. None of this worked…

Any thoughts, help?