HDDs keep spinning after poweroff

Hey guys,
I have a setup of four HDDs mounted to a QUAD SATA head on a Raspberry Pi 4. Currently I have the problem that my HDDs keep spinning after powering down my raspbian installation. All LEDs are off (except a green LED on the SATA hat and the red power LED on the Pi).

Why is this happening and how can I prevent this behaviour.


I’m sorry that this has happened. But the information you’ve provided is so limited that I can’t locate the problem.

I have currently no idea where I can start looking for more details. Therefore, I describe you what I did so far:

  • Installed the quad sata hat (v1.2) with the four HDDs mounted on the raspberry pi 4 (2GB)
  • New installation of raspbian buster lite
  • Installed the drivers by executing the script provided by the wiki: https://wiki.radxa.com/Dual_Quad_SATA_HAT
  • Updated the firmware to v8.1.3.6

All drives are visible and can be mounted as expected. The only issues is that they keep spinning when the raspberry pi 4 is powered off.

Can you tell me where I can look for further details?


Thank you for describing your problem in detail. I’ll try to find a solution and let you know.


  1. did you modify APM of your HDD ?
  2. I’ve similar issue, after shutdown : fan of HAT still running (but no display). Only when I’m removing plug system fully stop. (I’ve connected plug :slight_smile: with my phone I can fully shutdown the powerplug and reconnect to start my RPI, my RPI is in garage).