Enable openssh-server and latest kernel in ubuntu image

Hi radxa team,

I spent the whole last weekend to get the ubuntu image “act” the way I want.

As mentioned in this I would suggest that you provide a new ubuntu (server) image with openssh-server already enabled.
(as it is a server, I assumed ssh would be available right away… but since it was not working, I had to connect the rock pi to a keyboard and display just to find out that I need to manually install openssh-server).

And providing the lastest kernel in the updated ubuntu image would improve the first contact experience with rock pi 4
(details with my issue can be found here

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We will do that, thanks for the feedback.

for now, I add it to first boot script to install openssh-server and openssh-client which is done over rc.local. I agree, this should have been added to RADXA’s image in future releases, as I like previous user did though that SSH is already preinstalled and had no monitor I could connect it to, my only solution was to add it to the rc.local and install on first boot.

EDIT: yes, latest kernel should be also used, not that I am fan of being up to date (more the opposite), but used kernel has to old packages for snap which I do require, snap is broken with old kernels (squash-fs error with no support for xz). I confirm that latest (0023) package works properly with snap as well as some other issues are resolved

EDIT2: I would not mind if you include vnc too, especially as rock has a gpu

There is always the raspi-config utility that could be emulated.
But a simple conf file called first-boot.conf with ssh, wifi, locale that is in /boot and used by the first-boot script could be handy as it can be edited on the machine the image is flashed from.