eMMC will not boot


Finally got the Radxa emmc (64GB) in. Applied several images (Ubuntu Server, Android TV), no boot. uSD boots fine.Image seems to write fine (many attempts). Partitions seem normal. No HDMI output at all.
Cloning a workable uSD image to the eMMC also fails to boot.

Also, uSD will not boot when eMMC is installed.

In addition I also tried installing thru the OTG port with rkdeveloptool. Image written successfully but still fails to boot.

Any suggestions? eMMC operations on RockPi4 broken?


If, in addition to the installed eMMC, I have an uSD plugged in, then my RockPi boots from the uSD and ignores the eMMC.
I wrote the images with the eMMC to uSD board offered by Radxa on the eMMC.


Yeah, Thats what I was getting at. The uSD wont boot if the eMMC is installed and it should.


I also have the same problem. eMMC just arrived today and it can’t boot.
I’ve first tried to boot the eMMC only (it had partitions and everything, just from the box marked AllNet, but didn’t managed to mount any partition) but no HDMI signal - tried few times.

Then I’ve copied uSD to eMMC and still no luck - no access via SSH, no HDMI signal.

While eMMC is inserted, uSD boots ok - no problem with that any time.

Also I’ve noticed that eMMC has two boot partitions (boot0, boot1) which are read-only and empty (only bytes NUL for the whole partitions) and other one “rpmb” which is even not readable (can’t make a copy of it). Now after uSD copy there is only the copy, two boot partitions and rpmb.

@jack can you help us with these?


One of the solutions here is to comment out everything in /etc/fstab file. That was my problem at least. System won’t boot if there are invalid entries. You may want to mount devices later, after system boot.