CM5 Project with CM4-Nano and openFydeOS 💾

CM5 with CM4-Nano Board and FydeOS Setup Guide

Components and Costs ~ £104 - £128.

  1. Radxa CM5
  2. CM4-Nano Board
  3. WiFi AC600 + BT USB Dongle
  4. SanDisk MicroSD Card
  5. USB Hub
  6. CM5 Cooling Heatsink

Setup Process

Boot Configuration

  1. Maskrom Button Handling:

    • The CM4-Nano boot switch must be ON for maskrom mode.
    • If connecting it to a computer it shuts it down connect the type c cable before turning on the laptop.
    • The boot switch must be OFF to allow the board to boot into its flashed operating system.

  2. Flashing Images:

    • Use rkdevtools on Windows.
    • If connecting the type-C cable shuts down your laptop, restart it while keeping the cable connected to enter maskrom mode without pressing the small button.

Image Preparation

  • Decompress Images: Use WinRAR to decompress .img.xz files to .img, not the Windows ‘Extract All’ option.

  • Tick ‘Write by Address’

Rockchip Boot Loader SPL File

Compatible Operating Systems Radxa-CM5-RPI-CM4-IO

  1. Radxa Debian Bookworm: Download
  2. FydeOS v18 for RK3588S (Via MicroSD): Download
  3. Ubuntu: (Coming soon)
  4. Arch Linux Installer: Download
  5. Chromium 96 - Ozone OS: Beta version

Notes on Image Compatibility

  • All RK3588S Images work on Radxa CM5 via MicroSD on CM4-Nano but not from EMMC.

WiFi and Bluetooth Setup

  • Use Linux-compatible WiFi 5 BT dongles.
  • Multiport USB dongles are the solution for connecting a mouse, keyboard, and WiFi.
  • The type-C port only supports charging, not adding extras.

Temperature Management

  1. Without Heatsink:

    • Temperatures easily exceed 70°C.
  2. With Metal Heatsink:

    • Temperatures around 64°C, can reach 70°C under load, and 84°C under heavy work.
    • Correctly applied pads keep temperatures below 70°C under heavy work.

  3. With Heatsink and Fan:

    • Not yet tested - I need a solution for this… a better decent Nano Board!

Issues and Solutions

  1. Booting from EMMC:

    • FydeOS boots from the Orange Pi 5 NVME Image on MicroSD but not from EMMC.
    • Rock 5C images work fine on Radxa CM5 on EMMC.
  2. Finding Suitable Metal Case:

    • Suitable cases are hard to find and might be expensive.

Additional Resources


The Radxa CM5 combined with the CM4-Nano Board and FydeOS provides an excellent platform for creating a powerful, compact, and versatile computing device. By following the setup guide and using compatible components, you can achieve a highly functional system suitable for cloud gaming and other demanding applications.

:video_game: Cloud Gaming is Beautiful for this System :computer_mouse:

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Its not even… its on battery atm… Never had this issue but its like a bomb… if u cut the red cable u’re dead xD

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Haha sorry, I have deleted my comment because I saw you removed this section :slight_smile: Really strange, never had something similar to this. Edit: Nevermind it’s early for me! For the Others I wrote something like: “Maybe you can try unplug your laptop from the wall”

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Cant wait to play this on Geforce Now !! Via CM5!

What codec does your geforce now use when playing via any rk3588? Mine uses H.264, which sucks.

Mostly that codec H.264 and H.265 and doesnt seems bad… if your chromium has hw acceleration it works fine.
Remember monka Gi image ? Back in his golden days before going retardo on environmental crisis of the cloud servers had his image cooked perfect running fast and good like hell with the mali run tricks…

Now we got joshuas ubuntu and arch linux from kwankiu which does a better job - For FydeOS bad luck… GFN spots it as an unsupported browser and I have to play it via FlatHub Debian Chromium Browser… runs ok just not at the peak of this device. (Hope they fix that).

Ultimate subscribers get AV1 on RTX 4080.

No, H.264 is bad in comparison to others, I can see the difference and that’s why I’m asking what you have running. You can check this using Ctrl+M. I don’t need you to tell me “it doesn’t seem bad”.

And yes, ultimate subscribers get AV1 but the question is what can you actually get in the browser you are using. Because I can’t get anything higher than H264 when using a browser, not the native client.

There H.264. Enjoy!

So there’s no improvement. Meh

And since when thats a killer factor? It runs fine you can play add me and lets go stop whinning.

Because I can’t see anything in the dark when playing using H264, if you can, then good on you.

Buy a decent monitor. You dont see me complaining and mine is from china 2k@144hz nice image all good.

Well, if I can see in the dark on the same monitor by using H265 or AV1 then it’s clearly not the fault of the monitor, is it?

I dont know where you are going with this bs talk Lukas for real… Ive already shown you that they use H.264 codec a sh&t ton of people use gfn even on tvs and mobile phones this is the first time I ear H.264 sucks for night life gaming… :rofl: but if u dont wanna use it fine.

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I used cm5 + ubuntu22 + cm4_nano_b, and the usb host didn’t work.

cm5 + ubuntu22 + cm5_io_board -------- usb host ok

Do you have any special settings for the usb host?

@Spooky image the 24.0 I think it has it fixed.

But if you can this will make it work:

echo host>/sys/kernel/debug/usb/fc000000.usb/mode