Arch based RebornOS reviewed on Rock5b

ETA just published a new review of rock5b, this time running RebornOS:

Unfortunately he didnt make benchmarks so hard to see what he calls “full” GPU acceleration

Had never eard of this distribution before so would be interesting knowing who is maintaining rock5b for it and which kernel/drivers they use.

Nice to see more and more interest for this board and rk3588 in general


Yes, I saw that yesterday and would love to try it out.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to be available to the general public yet. There is only an ARM image for the Raspberry Pi currently available for download on their site.

“More hardware support coming soon” they say.

reference from

How to install RebornOS at Orange PI 5

I installed ReBornOS on my R5b today. While I didn’t run benchmarks, I did feel it was exceptionally better than Armbian or Radxa images. I was able to play YouTube 4k videos at 25fps full screen with 0 (ZERO) dropped frames. The interface was snappy.
I was becoming discouraged with my R5b, but I am now excited.


He still calls it Rock Pi 5B :smiley: can I call it Iphone 5B too?

I’m the developer for RebornOS ARM. We use panfrost mesa with bsp kernel. Our latest image is in our GitHub and as this is really an alpha image we haven’t announced it yet


I’m using vanilla arch and very happy with it so far. Mostly using it as linux server running docker containers, but will start testing graphics acceleration as it seems @boogiepop made some progress.
Must admit RebornOS desktop experience looks very smooth though.

that explains then, still ETA was able to find it, he must be hidden in this forum or on discord :wink:

  1. I created the installation image on the sd card and tried to install, but at startup it doesn’t go into graphic mode, didn’t I select everything I need to install?
  2. How to install on ssd (nvme0n1p1)?

How did you create the installation image?

this is a sign Radxa should rename it to Rock PI 5b :wink: (as Orange PI 5 )

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I downloaded the alpha image and wrote it on the sd card with gnome-disk, after which I booted from the sd card.

Gnome disks doesnt extract it follow this guide

It also works with gnome disks, the card boots and the operating system is loaded and the installation selector appears.

can you show me a picture of what you see?

That’s what I see ([url=][/url]

follow the install guide

I followed the online installation guide, but I didn’t know if the wayland graphics part had to be added.
Installation was very slow.

I flashed the image directly to my NVME but no matter what I do after setup runs and it reboots I get the “Oh no! Something has gone wrong” message - anyone any ideas?

I’m thinking it’s gpu issue as I’m seeing failed to open gpu errors in my journal thenfailed to setup: No GPUs found for

Budgie or gnome?

I have the same error message.