Amazon Prime Video and Netflix on Android / Android TV

Hi there,

I’m planning to get a RockPi4 with an eMMC or M.2.
What I couldn’t really find out is, is Amazon Prime and Netflix running on Android or Android TV? Can both Apps be installed from Playstore?

Thanks for your help!

Yes, you can run both apps but quality is limited to 540p.
If you boot LibreELEC Kodi Linux OS, images I made, you can run the Netflix addon in 1080p quality with auto frame-rate switching for smooth playback.
Best is to get the EcoPi case with the big heatsink for this since it will use CPU decoding for this higher quality.
In Android you can also play 4K videos you download or streams from Youtube or IPTV services hardware decoded smoothly.

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Hi mo123,
thank you for your answer. Is there a reason why it runs only in 540p? 720p would be sufficient for me. Or will there be an update in the future.
Unfortunately LibreELEC is not possible for me because I’m using some other android apps too.

Google doesn’t allow open-source Android devices and devices also running Linux OS’s to get Widevine L1 licenses that are required for higher quality.
Then Netflix and Amazon also has to certify a device and give the manufacturer a license and they only do it for locked down devices. A manufacturer also has to sell more than a million devices a year to retain the licenses and pay around $5 million in yearly fees to them.
So basically only tv manufacturers can afford it or phone manufacturers that also build media players and tv’s or cable tv operators from different countries that have a big user base.
The resolution is 960x540p I think without licenses.

Ok that was very helpful, thank you! I wonder if my current system also runs on 540p.

The best way is to buy a cheap 4K tv that has built-in Netflix support if still using a 1080p tv.
Some other ways are to wait for specials on Amazon FireTV 4K sticks or Mi Box’s, both are sometimes on special for $25.
Then when you need to use a streaming service, you just switch the HDMI output with a press of a button on your tv remote and to use the RockPi 4 again, switch the HDMI Output again.
I have a FireTV 4K stick connected to one HDMI Output and the RockPi 4 to another.
I only use the FireTV 4K stick if I need to watch Netflix since it’s locked down and has very limited storage but for everything else I use the RockPi 4 since it’s so much faster and you can use an airmouse remote with it. Kodi also supports auto frame-rate switching and HD Audio passthrough on the RockPi 4 and it makes a big difference.

A FireTV stick could be an option :thinking: But having an all in one solution would be nicer :slight_smile: Can you do me a favour and tell me what widevine version rock pi has on android/android tv? On my ODroid C2 I have L3. When I understand it right, that means only SD is possible, but that would be sufficient for me. As I have no 4k screen.

Yes, also Widevine L3.
The CPU is about 3 times faster than the C2 if you compare Antutu scores etc.

Ok then it could be an option. I thought my stuff is running in 720p on ODroid. As I assume, it should then also run in 720p on rockpi? Or do I miss something? An upgrade to rockpi would be interesting as it supports newer android versions.

Ok I tried the test pattern video from Netflix and it shows 540p on ODroid. Interesting :slight_smile: Anyway, this is ok for me. So as you said both apps are running on rockpi android and android tv I think I’ll get one with the nice case or a heatsink at least.

@cube try Netflix app modified to enforce Widevine L1, maybe it’ll work.

Netflix blocked that method long ago.
But LibreELEC does run Netflix in 1080p quality smoothly since it uses Chrome OS Widevine files and software decodes it like a PC.

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Good to know, thank you!

As Disney+ started, is it working too? On Odroid it is not available, so this would accelerate my descision :slight_smile:

People can try this and see if it works

Download SAI

Then try to install the Disney+ app from here through the SAI app you downloaded above.

or try
Device: Tablet - Samsung Galaxy Tab 3(also try tv)
Android version: Android 9.0 (Pie)
and download from here and install through SAI

I can’t test since Disney+ is not available in my country.

Disney+ app should work in 720p on most devices and if you have a good 4K tv, it will also upscale the picture.

There is also work going on for a Disney+ Kodi addon.

How do you get HD Audio passthrough on LE?
I thought we have to wait for mainline Kernel support for this feature to work on RockPi?
I would be happy if it would work…

I’m back :slight_smile: Today I ordered a rock pi. I’ll report on how it is working as soon as possible.

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Hi there, I got my RockPi and managed to install AndroidTV 9. Unfortunately Netflix is not running. Device is not supported error 13 :slightly_frowning_face:
I installed Kodi with the Addon, but thats not the same…
Does anyone has a solution for that?


You can try v7.42
It seems the newer versions of Netflix have problems or Netflix is blocking them from installing on some devices since a few days ago.
In the APKPure app store, there is ‘Previous Versions’ text, click on it to download older versions of apps.

Here is the app for the app store