Will the Quad SATA install scripts support bullseye armbian on RockPi at some point?

Tried bringing in radxa buster repository and installing libmraa from that but it depends on phython3.7 directly so it doesn’t work.

Can go back to buster, but ZFS is a pain to get setup on the older kernels.

Edit for additional context:
I used this image: Armbian_22.05.0-trunk_Rockpi-4b_focal_current_5.15.35_xfce_desktop.img.xz

But downgraded the kernel to 5.15.25 since the current headers package for rock pi 4b maxes out at 5.15.25. This also allowed me to compile the ZFS packages.

However, it’s not clear that bullseye is supported on rockpi4b+ with the Quad SATA Hats.

Concerning for me, because I am sitting in Ubuntu 21.10 and want to go to 22.04 LTS which I am being continually offered: I have low confidence at this point I’d get functional jMicron controller after I upgrade so I’m holding off (and yes, I am on Ubuntu for the ease of ZFS deployment)

If you take this further, bearing in mind you’re in armbian not Ubuntu, do please continue to post here.

The other part of my problem, is that even hacking the scripts they don’t support the rockpi 4 or any other non-Raspbian.

This was confusing to me, since both the Rockpi and sata hat are from the same company. That said, I have a working driver for rockpi locally that I’ll share after more testing.

For the setup scripts, it may be possible to get it working in bullseye with compiling libmraa directly (I had to forcibly downgrade a few packages to make it compile for the 4.4 rockchip kernel). That said, after what I’ve been working on the past couple weeks to get the rockpi running with the sata hat at all I’m running out of steam to try 5.15.* and Armbian. It’s probably possible with the custom driver I wrote, but I’m taking a break for now. I’ll share when I’m done and someone else can give it a whirl.