Wifi Module A8 from Allnet is Available now!

I do but it is from 2015, so a bit outdated wifi and bt norm, but will have a look at the motherboard I kept in garage :slight_smile: might be good a temporary solution until I get better card, thanks for the tip

and I paid full price for it :roll_eyes:

extracted that card from my old laptop, do you know if that would fit in Rock5B? not sure but seems like E and not B-key?

do you have your rock 5b allready?
if yes just try it if it fits turn it on and test it if not then you could buy an adaptor or order another card

it’s on its way, maybe I’ll have it next week, wanted to know if i had to look for another wifi card otherwise will be stuck with no network…

it will work its an e key and the m.2 slot on the top of the rock 5b is also an e key

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really?! thought it was B-key slots on rock5B…
quite misleading all these different format M.2 B/E/M-key, mPCIE…
not talking about underlying protocol, ngff, nvme, etc…

edit: but you’re right looking at the module at the beginning of this topic, it written M.2 E-key, so seems like I’ll be able to use my previous laptop wifi/bt card, that’s good news. though at some point will probably upgrade to newer wifi6/bt5

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Just look at dmesg and add proper firmware file to /lib/firmware

Hi, does wifi module A8 compatibility with rock3a ?

The damn antenna wires are too short-one broke off when I tried to attach it to the module while assembling the case. If they 1" longer it would have been fine.

U gotta get skill :laughing::ok_hand:

you can also consider intel’s ax211. Much more expensive but latest tech, tri-band, 160MHz channel width capability, better channel border filtering than this ax201 rebrand.

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Does it works with Rock 5B already?

Don’t. that one need intel cpu.

you mean the cnvio port spec? in that case 210 is fine.

Hello. And there is some tutorial on how to position the antennas inside the metal case.

anywhere lol most pcs have them under the motherboard… so there might be losses associated but its up to you to figure I would say.

The antennas go on the inside of the front panel-if you look at them there are notches that line up with the spaces on the panel.

Thanks for the info. In case it helps someone, the assembly was like this.


Awesome I didnt even knew this… Tricky .

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