Wifi Module A8 from Allnet is Available now!


Wifi6E + Working Bluetooth BT 5.2 Hell Yeah!

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is it good
is it just an rebranded card

Sounds like a rebranded card yes… I havent received it neither did the Rock5B yet so… nothing to say yet

but you could use and test the card In an normal pc woth m.2 slot

I havent received it yet… and I doubt I will do that… Im just gonna wait for the rock 5b to arrive and then assemble.

Personally I would just buy a Intel AX210 or comparable
Those should be more or less the same price but without an antenna pcb.

Driver support should be better as the realtek ones

I cancelled my AX210 order because the Bluetooth doesnt work unless theres an config to set up it wont so I prefer to play safe with something that always work on the spot.

and i will just use the wifi/bluetooth card that i salvaged for am dead laptop


While having my rock 5B on hand, I cant wait to get my RTL8852BE (unbranded wifi card) and try it out (should be getting it at around two weeks later with both the passive and cooling fan heatsink), sadly this card does not seems to support Wifi 6E, but it looks great to have Bluetooth 5.2

While waiting for my WiFi Card, I am using my macbook (with a usb-c to ethernet hub) (windows or a raspberry pi should be helpful to do the same job too) to get internet on my Rock 5B

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For Linux, AX210 is good. For Android, AX210 is not supported yet or probably never.


Wouldn’t one assume that drivers would be delivered later? Or are there other reasons why the drivers might never come? (Im asking because I bought 2x AX210 back in February xD)

No Android device currently uses the AX series. So Intel doesn’t have a driver for Android. You could try to hack it since Android runs the Linux kernel, but the subsystems ate different.

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What is the TX power?

I actually dislike this card … the antenna are the DEVIL in disguise :wink:
People with big fingers have a rough time getting them attached

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which one A8 or AX?

any advice for a card with both linux and android support?

do you have more info on what the issue is with BT.

Radxa Wireless Module A8 is the recommended WiFi/BT card for ROCK 5B, it’s just 9.9$, very good price/value.

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thanks for quick reply, unfortunately already placed my order for rock5b,
just dropped a message to allnet to see if I can update my order with that board to avoid paying shipping fees again

if you have an old laptop then it is a good chance that in there are 2 antennas and a m.2 wifi/bt card

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