Which touchscreen do I need


I want to connect a touchscreen to the Radxa Zero.
There is one HDMI Port. I want a touchscreen connected and a additional HDMI port to optionally connect another screen and use two screens.
Can I connect a touchscreen with the GPIO Pins?

Is there a touchscreen who someone can recommend to me. It should have a size of 5 inch.

I don’t quite get it
Touchscreen and HDMI are two different things, HDMI don’t have any thing to do with touchscreen control, It outputs video signal only. if you need 2 monitors, use a HDMI splitter to connect them. touchscreen control usually interfaced by USB or I2C.

There are some touchscreens for the Raspberry pi who are connected through GPIO and the touch works. I just want to ask what there are for options to connect a touchscreen.

I use the waveshare 5" screen (800x480) with Twister OS.

i connected the touchscreen over usb OTG USB host
and over hdmi