Where to connect drive cooling fan?

I have the basic hat connected to 4 x 3.5’ drives powered by a 60w power brick. I also need a 120mm fan to cool them but not sure where to plug it. I could get a USB 5v fan and use a USB port… or how about the floppy connector to power 12v fan. Don’t need pwm. Don’t know how to proceed… Thank you

If you use a 5v fan, connect to a USB, if you use a 12v fan, you can connect to the ATX PSU socket.


What are each of the atx pins assigned? does it also carry a 5v rail?

Only 12v and the pins are printed on it.

connecting a 12v fan to 12v and gnd pins and it does not spin… the fan works connected to my desktop, so i’m not sure