Where do I find the specs?

He everyone.

I think I once saw the specs for the Quad SATA kit. But cant find it right now.
It is the transfer speed&limitations of the drives I’m interested in. Where can I find this information??

Background and reason for this question:
I ordered the the kit in the middle of April, so I still got some time… But it is time to order some drive(s) to occupy the NAS. I’ve already got some +5 year old HDDs (cannibalised from some old laptops). Although the speed is ok right now, with my current adapter, transferring speeds might be better with new drives. These are loud AF with vibrations and clicks.

I’m curious if the Pi+HAT will be able to handle the high speeds. I want to go down the SSD road to limit noice. It would be a obvious place to save some money if I can buy some drives with lower read/write speed what fits the system just fine…


Quad SATA HAT utilizes two high performance JMS561(one JMS561 for Dual SATA HAT) providing up to 400MB/s reading/writing performance with four disks in RAID0 mode.