Where can i buy a Quad SATA hat

i need a quad sata hat. My nas is no longer working. Changing the raspberry doesnt help.
Where can i buy the quad hat in Germany ?

Best regards

Bumping this up… @setq is stock available ? I would wanna buy a hat as back up just in case the current one dies… but allnet lists it as out of stock for a long while already…

Allnet still has quad sata promo kit for $99 as well as few other parts alone. Right now bare hat is not available, penta sata kit just returned to stock.

Hoping to see the quad hat in stock soon as well. The kit is bloat :grin:

The USB connector and the NAS will fail after 2-3 years of use… i wish to buy a new sata hat, but allnetchina is keeping very very quiet about stock…