Use hat without nas?

2 questions: 1. Can the hat be used like an ordinary rpi setup running raspbian desktop like external usb hdd’s plugged in, And if so, can it be used with just ubuntu, kali, kodi, etc.? (I have about 17tb of many files backed up redundantly across multiple external drives that are edited often, its a nightmare, I would love to have all of it a convenient little box with out the constant external hdd swapping, on its own screen with a single flash-drive for moving, updating, and replacing.) 2. Do you plan on making another compatible with larger than 5tb each?

Hi John_Smith,

The question 1: The hat can be used on raspberrypi running raspbian. It’s also available on ubuntu, but kali and kodi haven’t done the boot script adaptation yet, I’ll do it if you want.

The question 2: You can try to find SSDS larger than 4TB, but I haven’t tested. I think it’s just a power issue, and if you find a disk that consumes less power, it should be possible.