USB touch screen support on Android

Can’t get my USB touch screen work on ZERO, Tested the touch screen on ROCK PI4&ASUS Tinker board, all worked fine.
It looks like most of the amlogic devices such as S905/S912 does not have the usb touch screen support on android system, I’ve tested the touch screen on several S905/S912 TV boxes, None of them worked.

Mmmm… I wonder if it does on s922x.

Checked config, It seems the usb touchscreen driver was not enabled by default,trying to rebuild the image.

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Is that still true? Would be nice to have it by default (didn’t receive my zero yet, waiting for it).

Tried the latest image, not working.
It turned out my usb touchscreen is an HID touchscreen, No special driver needed, but the kernel only have hid-generic device driver loaded.
Then I compiled the image with:

Touch screen worked.