USB touch screen support on Android

Sorry I can’t read your langurage, I guess you might want a standard android UI instead of Android TV.
I have succesfully compiled the image using the latest official sourcecode recently with usb touchscreen supported, It is standard android UI(but without navigation bar).
Tell me if my understanding is right, I can upload the image on my NAS.

Hi. I don’t know a lot about how kernel and drivers work. Can you please say: your hid_multitouch.ko will work only with one device model or I can try to use it with my tv box on S905X3? If the answer is yes: can I ask you to open your ftp again for me to download it? Thanks in advance!

Mostly related to the android version I guess, if your device is running on android9, I think there would be a good chance,
My router is broken, I can send you by email, you can try it.

Hi. It would be great if it will work. Yes, I use android 9. A95X F3 Air box.
My e-mail is:
Thank you very much!

It works! Big-big thanks to you!
Did you compile kernel from for that? I tried it and couldn’t use ‘insmod’ after. Did you use toolchain from here?

Good news!
No I didn’t, Just downloaded the source code following Radxa’s wiki:
If you have a chance to compile the kernel for your device, “insmode” will not be needed, driver could automaticly loaded while system bootup as long as you choose “Y” for the module instead of “M”.

Thanks. I think, it would be better not to change full factory software. But I will have it in mind if I will need it someday.