Upper USB3.0 not working as host

My Upper USB3.0 port does not recognize USB drives in either position of the switch.
The drives work OK in any of the other ports.

  • Is change in the switch immediate or do I have to reboot?
  • might it be the case that the switch is defective?
  • which logs besides dmesg and /var/log/messages can I see the switch behaviour?

The switch should be immediately, you may need to replug the USB drive. You can use dmesg -c and then dmesg to check if the usb status is detected and changed.

Which OS are you using?

I’m using armbian with 5.3 kernel

The 5.3 kernel currently sets the upper USB 3 port to OTG mode, hence the USB drive dont show up.

Based on above report @mara created a patch for Slarm64:

I submitted it to Armbian and it got accepted:

So you can try switching to and testing latest kernel on Armbian using armbian-config (have not tested it myself, it can break your system). Or you can wait for next Armbian update to get the updated kernel. Another option is to rebuild Armbian kernel using Armbian build script.

Guys, thank you so much for the quick feedback! and @aaditya for the commits! :slight_smile:

I tried the latest build 19.11.6 (kernel 5.4.8) and it doesnt seem to work well. It takes ages to load, also to respond to the first password/user creation, and it doesnt bring eth0 up… it seems something is def broken

I’m now using using the previous build (19.11.3, kernel 5.3.11, the latest kernel available via armbian-config)

I guess I would wait another iteration…
BTW it sucks that the switch is ignored and hardwired into the kernel :frowning:

It’s not exactly hardwired. DT is kind of hw configuration, but yes it’s bit clumsy to operate with. That’s why we use DT overlays. Not sure if we have them here yet, but eventually we will have overlays to switch this. In armbian-config like for other boards.

Also already fixed :wink: There is 19.11.7 version.