Upcoming Metal Case Option, KKSB


The guys over at kksb-cases.com are producing a Rock5B case and currently expect it to be ready in 2-3 months. Thought some of you might be interested, if their other designs appeal to you.

Im gonna get one. I’m sure I am.

Likewise. Sticking with the acrylic case until this drops.

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I love the acrylic case too not gonna lie :smiley:

Me too. I added m3 standoffs and m3 thumbscrews for easy nvme/emmc swapping. And, it looks rad.

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This is welcome news because I always had hoped that KKSB would design a case for my Radxa 5b. I had recently purchased another from KKSB for my Khadas VIM4 and am very pleased with the design and performance. I run OpenELEC and the passive cooling maintains the temperature in the mid 40’s. I mention this because there were early complaints on YouTube and the forums that their VIM4s were severly overheating whilst operating inside the case. I asked KKSB tech support if they found a solution and they quickly replied that they replaced the original thermal pad with a better make. I can confirm that their solution works and am pleased with their support. I feel confident now that KKSB will offer a well designed case and I plan to order one for my 5b as soon as it becomes available.

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Thanks for sharing. I’ve not had the opportunity to use their cases and was only compelled to reach out because of u/DarkEvil’s enthusiasm a few months ago.

Glad to hear a positive anecdote; it reinforces my decision to wait.

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I hope they don’t make one of those flimsy cases for it and instead make a quality one like they did for the khadas boards. if it’s just a simple aluminum cut out it won’t be worth the money. they did a great job on the khadas cases, i’ll buy one if the rock 5b gets the same treatment, but looking at all other kksb rock cases it looks like it will more than likely be the same cheap flimsy aluminum crap they mass produce.

I like the looks of it:

Best of luck getting ahold of one.

This is now available to order.

What a pleasant Friday surprise. Just ordered one.

There seems to be a variant of the kksb case coming up from okdo. But so far only a video of it seems to be released: https://youtube.com/shorts/cnYU827_VmM

I ordered this one anyways:

This is @ginkage image. Its a neat case.

oh no already sold out :frowning:
for those lucky to order one, how much is shipping cost? did you receive it?

23.88€ including local VAT + 7.5€ (untracked, otherwise 8.5€) shippping to France (from Sweden), took 4 days to receive. Perfectly happy with it :slight_smile:

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thanks for feedback Zoe Le Chat :slight_smile: would also be for shipping to France… now having to wait until new units are available for sell :confused:

I got one of this cases .
Finish quite good.
I am missing a access in the bottom for the NVME.
To replace it, you have to dissamble the whole case.
If you often change between SD card and NVME for test purpose it is not ideal.

I received mine within about a week to the USA. It’s a nicely constructed case, but as others have mentioned, it’s a bit of work to disassemble and reassemble, so better for use cases in which you have a settled configuration. Once I’ve patched uboot to prefer SD on boot, it’ll be a non-issue for my usage.

Note, using the provided heatsink with passive cooling, my temps are about the same as they were with the blue heatsink: ~45C under light loads. I may switch to active cooling, but we’ll see.

I use my rock on the go, so having a more sealed case to slide into a bag is a big improvement over the plexi case.

I agree. It would have been nice to have a bay for the SSD. You have to disassemble the whole case to get it out. Apart from that it makes a solid impression and keeps the SoC fairly cool