Tip: Quad SATA top hat change OLED info

so i got the kit put together (yay), but one thing is my pi is running on wifi and not the ethernet, so the “IP” display was wrong (showing the self-assigned ethernet and not the wifi address).

i was able to go to /usr/bin/rockpi-sata and edit misc.py
I changed $1 to $2 on this line:

‘ip’: “hostname -I | awk ‘{printf “IP %s”, $2}’”,

saved, and restarted the service with this:

sudo systemctl restart rockpi-sata.service

and voila, it’s showing the wifi address! yay…

now if i could figure out why the red led’s are showing for 2 of the 4 drives and those drives work fine attached to a pc, i’d be happier…


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