The WIFI is no longer active after a while

The WIFI is no longer active after a while.

I use Debian desktop for 4c+ from the wiki and installed the image in the eMMC. I followed the wiki’s instructions from step 3 to flash the image into the eMMC. This works well and is easy to do.
I only use WIFI, I don’t have a LAN and I can’t get one.
I use the ROCKPI 4c+ via SSH. At some point, sometimes quickly, sometimes after hours, WIFI is gone. I then have to reactivate or restart the network locally directly on the PI.
The power save mode is switched off. I’ve checked all of that multiple times. But that doesn’t seem to be a problem with the ROCKpi.
Power supply should be ok, I use a 5V 10A switching power supply.

I am finding the same issue. It looks like there have been some other forum threads with no resolution either:

No more function, dead, finito, RIP…

The SBC is defective, the device is under warranty. The device must be exchanged or repaired.

Can you have a try to test your problem as follow:

1.Get wl tool


2.Change wl permissions

chmod +x wl

3.Copy wl to /usr/sbin

sudo cp wl /usr/sbin
sudo ldconfig

4.Use the command to set constantly awake mode

sudo wl PM 0

Thanks for the suggestion Ken. I’m finding that this didn’t solve anything for me. The wifi will still lose connection, and will only be solved by turning wifi off then on again.

Yes confirm. It doesn’t work cm3

Which wifi module on your 4cplus?
And which image that you flash?

I had pulled the latest Debian image posted on the Radxa downloads: rockpi-4cplus-debian-buster-xfce4-arm64-20220501-0310-gpt.img.xz

The same issue occurred with the Ubuntu Server image: rockpi-4cplus-ubuntu-focal-server-arm64-20220501-0307-gpt.img.xz

As far as the wifi module, are you referring to the actual chip on the PCB? I can take a picture if so.

You can click on this link to download the latest image:


and try it again.