Talk about Zero2

  1. Is the mounting holes (4*M2.5 screw hole, and the 40pin GPIO header) location compatible with existing Zero?

  2. When can we expect it shows up in market?

  1. It’s not. It is a slightly bigger board. They have the same length but the width is increased.

  2. Soon™. We just received the revised sample last week and it is looking good.

  1. Bad to hear that. There won’t be a smooth update for projects using Zero;
  2. Good to know. How would be the price range? Please give us some hint - Would it be close to Zero? or close to VIM3? :grinning:

I was wondering…

One of the existing Zero models is equipped with 4GB of RAM. Is the maximum RAM of the Zero 2 the same amount, or is it larger?

Only 4GB version for Zero 2. That’s the upper limit and it doesn’t make much sense to pair such powerful SoC with less ram.

Not mean to chase for an precise answer, but can you please provide some hint as you see appropriate?

how would be the price range? Would it be close to Zero? or close to VIM3?

only external antenna? how come there isn’t an onboard option? space constraints?

You got it. The board is packed with components.

I looked at the photos of the board and noticed 2 multi-pin connectors and one 6-pin. could you explain their purpose?
Nice to see the 40pin surface mount header and 2 neat buttons in the right place.
Amlogic A311D is twice as fast as S905Y2.
Thank you guys from radxa!

The 2 while ribbon cable connectors are for camera and display (CSI & DSI). I don’t see any 6-pin connector, but the one below Wi-Fi module is a PWM fan port.

When can we except to see it for sale? Will I be able to buy it for myself for Christmas?

be optimistic dude. I am expecting it as Children’s day gift to myself.

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Is the Radxa Zero2 still on the reality radar?

Wouldn’t be more interesting to have a pcie connector at the bottom of the board? We would have more options than the camera conector. And none small sbc have one, zero2 could be the first.

I just checked with our Android developer and it seems like the CSI and DSI issue on Android side has been resolved. I’ll do a follow up on Linux side to fix a few issues, then I think we can have the production team to work on it.

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Regular M.2 connector will be huge on this board especially height wise. PCIe is also muxed with USB 3.0 on this SoC so there is that.

Is the Zero2 months away from retail release? Is the feature set now complete such that we can know what it will consist of, and what it will deliver? If it is still in the distance, is there any chance of advancing it to the Amlogic A311D2 CPU level?

We have the device page and v1.0 board photo up for a few months. Missing text explanation right now but you should be able to tell what features are there. The board is quite mature at this point so we are not able to change SoC now. Additionally we want to target AIoT market with NPU that is on A311D, while for D2 it requires additional licensing.

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When the board does become available for purchase, where will that be announced? On here, Discord, the main board page, in a news article? Will the announcements come out at the same time, or does one site update sooner than the others? Or will the board just quietly show up suddenly on sites like Allnet?

Also, is production expected to meet demand for this board, or will the supply be as limited as the Zero was? I’m trying to plan a purchase, but more information would be very helpful. Thanks!


When zero2 is available, surely we will announce it in all channels, forum post, newsletter etc, there will be also media cover too, so you can’t miss it. Zero2 is expected shipping before Sep.