[SOLVED] What to put the Radxa Zero in?

Hi all :slight_smile:

I imagine that my question must seem trivial, but I am trying to decide on which SBC to install a video “box”. Either with an RPi3/4 2GB (but not powerful enough in the end to play all video streams from what I understand) or as I have just discovered since this morning a Radxa Zero 2GB/8GB (more powerful).

My main problem at the moment is to know if there is a plastic box provided for an Radxa Zero like the Raspberry have. I’m afraid to hear no and that you have to make it yourself because I’m neither a handyman (other than in IT), nor I have access to a 3D printer…

A proposition ?

With Adelphity

Since no one gives me any leads, I answer myself.

I found this kind of solution which consists to order custom prototypes (like from this site, but you have to order minimum 5 and I only need one).

Are there other solutions ?

Acrylic protector for now, unless you can mod some Rpi Zero cases.

Hi Inj, I used some spare screws from a computer case to lift the Zero up then marked where the ports would be in the clear case it came in. Then I took a small drill bit to fashion openings:

At first I used some non-conductive foam to fill the gap but then i picked up some M3x6mm standoffs to lock the Zero in place.

For a relay board in the same project, I picked up some M3 screws, nuts & nylon spacers from the local hardware store to fix it in position.

Hope this helps!

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Thank you :smile: ! That was exactly what I searched …

I simulated a buy to France (where I live) : including shipping costs about $16 (USD ?)

So my request is answered :wink:

Oooooh ! This do it yourself with the parts available in the Mac Gyver’s way I like a lot :joy:. Good idea and thank you too !

Superb @lenainjaune! Happy to be of help :+1:

The RPI Zero Flirc case fits perfect on my model, even the USB C cables snap in nicely without any need for sanding/drilling.